Today, as everyone is caught up in the Christmas fever, let us take you on a virtual trip to the best hotels. You can spend Christmas at depending on where you are. Maybe you still have a chance to book a holiday at one of these. If not this year maybe the next one what do you think. Whether you want to enjoy the winter holiday with your family or you’d like
to party and experience new and incredible things. We’ve got you covered there are thousands of great hotels worldwide promising an amazing Christmas experience. But we’ve put together a list with some of the best in the field.

10. Hotel Kaksilauttanen & Igloo Village-Lapland Finland

How many times have you dreamt of staying in a glass igloo admiring the starry sky and the northern colors of the aurora borealis? The hotel kaksilauttanen & igloo village in Lapland the so-called land of Santa Claus is the perfect place to enjoy Christmas. Although it’s nothing common in accommodation it’s an experience you cannot miss. Guests can enjoy the snug self-sufficiency of their comfortable cabins on longer visits. Because igloo occupancy is rarely for more than just a night at a time and facilities are dispersed about. And it’s a 10-minute stroll or pushes a sled trip to the restaurant from some of the farthest-flung cabins in the newer West Village.

9. Pausada Bambu Bamboo-Paraty Brazil

For the nonconformists and the ones who love experiencing new things, bamboo hotel in Paraty Brazil may be a perfect choice. About a 20-minute walk from the town center. The pousada bamboo is a lush retreat unto itself with a pool, a spa, lovely gardens, two saunas and easy access to both rainforests. And some truly stunning beaches you may ask what else you can do besides visiting the beaches. In a petty good reception, you can arrange a wide variety of ways to spend your short time. These include schooner trips around the island in the bay, horse riding to the Atlantic rainforest, jeep tours to waterfalls, puppet theater tickets and private guided tours of the historic center. Guests should also know that due to very high.

8. Hotel Tugu-Bali Indonesia

Restaurants and cafes in the area the Prasada does not serve meals except providing plates and crockery in the breakfast. Have you ever wondered what if instead of carols you listen to the haunting sounds of the gamelan Gong? While you admired the Christmas Eve sunset on the island temple of the tana lot. Welcome to Indonesia where there is no snow or cold at all. Tugu Hotels are small privately owned and designed collection of luxury art hotels. Whose mission is to bring back to life the art, soul, and romance of Indonesia’s.

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The affordable but remarkably stylish hotel to go to Bali has 22 Suites and villas. That you can choose from each room is individually created by the owner. Displaying his immaculate attention to detail reconstructed to provide a perfect marriage of color texture and atmosphere. And that atmosphere will certainly captivate you due to the perfect balance between nature and modern elements.

7. Palais Coburg Residenz-Vienna, Austria

Vienna’s Palais Coburg is undoubtedly an architectural and design masterpiece. It’s best known for the fresh and unconventional take on the Hotel holiday. Decor with it’s the plush cushioned tree in the lobby that looks like a fur draped in a blanket of snow. And also for these six centuries of architectural history located in the heart of Vienna. The exceptional luxury hotel has 34 extraordinarily stylish suites that guests can choose from.

The elegant white hotel was built as a palace in 1844. They will also offer a gourmet four-course Christmas Day lunch by Chef Sylvio Nicole at his namesake restaurant. An 80 square meters suite with a king-size bed will cost you around 1,200 US dollars per night during the Christmas season. And the prices go up to $3,500 US per night for a duplex in this fancy hotel.

6. Corinthia Hotel-Budapest, Hungary

They say Budapest is always a good idea we know how much you love luxury, good taste, and silence. This is why we chose this hotel to be a part of our top list. The Carinthia hotels are known for the focus on bespoke service. Which makes the guests feel part of the family from the moment they set foot in one of the stunning 5-star hotels spread around the world. The ensemble of unique luxury five-star hotels still embodies the values that founders embraced 50 years ago.

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The warm hospitality and refined luxury under one welcoming roof with every location. Rich in culture quality and character at Carinthia everything. Quietly promotes standing out from the crowd over the holidays. What better says come join Christmas here if not a piece of Disney culture brought to life.

5. Le Royale Monceau-Paris, France

Le Royale Monceau-Paris turns into a real winter resort inspired by the likes of Val d’Isere, mid-Lev coach evil, and Gaston Christmas decorations. Also, they are truly a work of art with a tree in the lobby comprised of 250 glass snowflakes created by dhow a French crystal studio. It also has a silver mirrored surface that resembles sparkling ice. You can choose from the three types of rooms a studio room, a deluxe collection room or executive rooms. That designers have specially created either for artists super for a tranquil. Haven bathed in natural light lovers of the 40s and 50s glamour or chic 40s and 50s style. Superior rooms where first-rate technology comes together with supreme comfort.

4. Hotel Ca’pzani-Venice, Italy

Ca’pzani Hotel was the first design hotel in France. The area is away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. But the 12th century Piazza San Marco is just a 15-minute walk away and st. Mark’s Basilica is 1.3 kilometers away. It’s a great choice for travelers interested in art, museums, and culture. Fully renovated between 1998 and 2000.

The hotel kept the architectural elements untouched but the interiors show a strong Art Deco influence with original furniture from the 1930s and 40s. While technology is very 21st century. The hotel has a stylish restaurant and wine bar without door dining. Other amenities include a funky lounge with a fireplace, an outdoor terrace with lounge chairs and a fitness room.

3. Loews Regency-New York, USA

The Lowe’s Regency New York Midtown Manhattan on New York’s famed east side. You’ll find the Loews Regency New York Hotel one of the best choices for your holiday getaway. Boldly situated on New York’s Park Avenue. The luxurious hotel seamlessly blends into its iconic art, deco design with modern sensibilities, craftily merging form and function to complement 50 years of service expertise. It has no more than 379 spacious guestrooms including 58 spectacular suites and residences.

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You’ll even find signature suites designed by top names such as Nate Berkus, Meyer Davis rot at Studio and Haynes Roberts. And you’ll even see a large white peacock that’s because some southeastern Asian cultures believe having a peacock around on Christmas Day brings happiness during the Christmas Eve. The hotel hosts carolers in the lobby and dinners at the regency bar and grill. You’ll pay around $600 for a night there and have access to one of the best experiences ever.

2. The Ritz-London, UK

We can’t have a top list like this without mentioning the Ritz hotels. The Ritz London keeps the magic of Christmas alive with amazing celebrations and spectacular events during the festive season for the 2017 Christmas celebration. The hotel put up a 25-foot tall Christmas tree grown especially for this occasion in the Scottish Highlands.

And everyone will make sure you’re having the time of your life all throughout your stay. The cherry on the cake is their Christmas Eve, gala dinner and dance celebration. Where you can enjoy a five-course menu with a live band entertainment and a special view over the gorgeous Christmas tree in the lobby.

1.The Dorchester-London, UK

The Dorchester London is located in the center of London and overlooks both Hyde Park and Mayfair. It’s a favorite choice of celebrities, world leaders, royalty and high society. So if you get the chance to book a room here over the holidays you might even meet your idols at Dorchester. The holidays are prepared in the most elegant manner with lots of fancy Christmas trees, Garland’s and a grand gingerbread. The hotel’s restaurant is the only one in the UK that has three Michelin stars.

Putting its creative French cuisine firmly in London’s culinary spotlight. Their exquisite rooms and suites will certainly make you feel the timeless glamour of the place also. The events they’re hosting every year such as Christmas carols, afternoon tea makes the holiday a lot more special. If your pockets are deep enough you can book a night. Therefor almost $1000 a night for the superior King room.