Smart Phones and their importance has influenced our daily routine work. Smartphones are now deeply connected with our everyday lifestyle. It has made our lifestyle convenient and efficient like never before. There are a lot of smartphone accessories on the market and to help you choose the perfect accessory for your smartphone. Top 10 best smartphone accessories that you must have to use our smartphone.

10. Anker-Power Line III Lightning Cable

The Anker Power Line cable series has a reputation of being the most durable cable out there. While hitting all the right notes in terms of design functionality and price. The new Anker Power Line III Cable comes in USB type-c 2, USB type-c, USB type-c 2 lightning and use. The anti lightning with different lengths while offering superior durability and could possibly outlast your iPhone with 25,000 band life spans. The Anker Power Line III Cables are one of the most powerful and tough as ever with tensile strength capable of supporting up to 175 pounds without breaking or any damage to the cable. So no matter how many times you pull it roughly or put a weight to it the cable can withstand it without any stress.

A lightning cable is a methide certified to work flawlessly with devices that features a lightning connector, offering high-speed charging and data transfer rate of 480 megabits per second allowing you to transfer data in a matter of seconds. Meanwhile, the USB type-c cable supports up to 60-watt power delivery for your Apple MacBook, IFAD pro and fast charging enabled device from Samsung, one plus and others. The internal layout is optimized to reduce size without sacrificing its strength while having a beautiful design. Its textured grooves on the head provide improved grip for easier plug and pull. While the protective coating prevents dirt from seeping into the cable surface making it easy to wipe with a wet cloth to clean. With Anker Power Line III Cable you get a cable for a lifetime.

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9. iClever 61W Type C Wall Charger

Do you want your devices to be juiced up faster then get yourself introduced with the I clever 61W Type C Wall Charger? This wall charger features a USB-C port that can deliver 61-watt powerful charging output for your laptops. And also allows you to recharge your iPhone or iPad pro two times faster than a standard 1-ampere charger. With the help of a USB C to lighten cable, you can also charge smartphones from Samsung, Huawei, one plus and other brands that support USB charging at a much higher rate than your regular smartphone charger. With this wall charger, you can charge your magnet Pro 2019 in just 1 point 9 hours and the galaxy s 10 in just 1 point 6 hours which will save your precious time and keep you from endless waiting.

This charger has a combination of gallium nitride Tech and PI chipset that collaborated with delivers power pure devices while staying cool. The charger also offers small cert petition against overcurrent, over-voltage and short-circuit. The iClever charger is 50% smaller than a standard 61 watt MacBook charger. Its compact cube shape allows you to sleep it into your pocket purse glove compartment or backpack conveniently. If you want a convenient faster team solution for your devices then you can get the iClever wall charger from online?

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8. TORRAS Wireless Charger

Torras is one of the most popular brands in the world that believes in the spirit of customer first and persists in the person of quality. It gives the T power C 15 Wireless charge from Torras with an upscale soft leather age and aluminum metal frame that shows extraordinary impairment. This wireless charger has worn a red dot design award in 2018 for thoughtful and functional design. The charger has a powerful charging core that brings you a better conduction rate ensuring a fast and stable charging experience every time. And you can charge your iPhone with up to 7.5 watts of power output and a 10 watt of output for qi wireless charging enable android devices.

This charger feature freezes 2-degree cooling holes at the bottom for better heat dissipation which allows charging and low temperature so no hassle of overheating. It works well with various phone cases while charging within a thickness of 5 millimeters. And charging pad automatically detects metal objects to ensure safe and stable charging. This wireless charger has a soft led circle that will easily language find the position at night but not dazzling. If you want a convenient wireless early solution for your wireless charging compatible devices then you can get from online.

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7. Flash Powerbank

Keep your smartphone always charged on-the-go with Flash Powerbank. The most powerful power bank that you can get for a smartphone. This power bank delivers a total of 150 watts of output and lets you charge up to four devices simultaneously to charge up all different devices on the go. This power bank offers a massive 100 watt part delivery with its USB C port to juice up your power-hungry devices. It also features a 40 watt USB a 1 and 18-watt quick charge 3.0 compatible USB a 2 port.

You can also recharge your smartphone wirelessly using its 10-watt wireless charger. It comes in a massive twenty thousand milliamp hour lithium polymer battery that packs enough power to charge up all of your devices effectively without any hassle. The Flash Power Bank is the perfect choice for those who love fast charging and carry a lot of hungry devices with them.

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6. Torras Smartphone Case

Torras has introduced two of the very good smartphone cases. One of them is a Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus and the other one is a crystal clear case for the latest iPhone 11. The Galaxy S 10 plus black is one of the thinnest smartphone cases ever created which has a silky, smooth, matte texture. And is anti-scratch and fingerprint-proof. It has precise cutouts for the charging port, audio port, and speaker. While having a protection feature for your phone’s camera. This case does support wireless charging and is compatible with a tempered glass screen protector. As for the crystal-clear iPhone 11 case, it gives us a non-newtonian fluid material that brings the most advanced protection.

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While keeping your phone slim and lightweight for greater portability. This case exceeds military centers for drop and shock enduring drops up to 26 angles from 44 centimeters height. Making this case rugged enough to withstand hard impacts. Its ultra-responsive tactile buttons are easy to feel and press. While it’s exclusive seamless design provides excellent grip and comfortable hand feel. Plus its bag allows you to show off the true beauty of your iPhone. Both of these phone cases from tourists are available for older iPhones and Samsung phones as well and have earned great user acceptance.

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5. Sandmarc Anamorphic Lens

Take your iPhone photography to the next level with Sandmarc Anamorphic Lens. A unique and powerful lens that lets you unleash your photography skills. It features a 1.3 3x anamorphic lens that provides you up to a 113-degree field of view. So that you can take bread, chicken photos with these lenses. It comes with a multi-element and coated lens in a premium aluminum casing but lets you shoot great cinematic videos. And makes it durable to withstand outdoor conditions with its oval bouquet.

The anamorphic lens is able to capture more horizontal information by squeezing the image. This method is very popular among the cinema cameras for taking professional-grade shots. It comes with a patented thread design for direct filtering, mounting, and a clip-on design. The Sandmarc Anamorphic Lens is built to elevate your iPhone X photography and you can order it online.

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4. PrintBrush™ XDR

Ever wished you could write on any surface with the help of your smartphone well your wish just became true with PrintBrush XDR. A unique and portable brush that allows you to print on any surface with our smartphone. This portable printer uses dry colored thermal inkjet print head from HP to print on any surface. With up to 600 dpi resolution so that you can enjoy colorful printing experience wherever you use it. It uses an optical sensor and inertial measurement unit for better navigation and offers printing with pinpoint accuracy.

This printer has built-in Wi-Fi that you can use to connect it to the smartphone app. You can use the app to customize and print whatever your heart desires. Eight-foot bit of 500 milliampere lead and polymer battery is a unique printer lets you print up to 4,000 imprints on a single charge. The print brush XDR is the ultimate printing partner for your smartphone hands. You can back them up on the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

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3. SliceCharge Pro

Still struggling to charge a smartphone with tangled wires well we bring you SliceCharge Pro. A unique and powerful wireless charger for a smartphone with a perfect combination of five coils. This wireless charger offers full area wireless charging that means you can put your phone anywhere in the pant and it will start charging instantly. It also features an MFI certified coil to wirelessly charge your Apple watch. This wireless charging pad can simultaneously charge two devices without the 15 watts of output and delivers three-watt of output for an Apple watch.

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It also features a 30 watt USB CPD port to charge your other power-hungry devices effectively made from high-quality fabric. This wireless charging pad provides a premium feel while using. And lets you charge your devices effortlessly. Charge all of your devices wirelessly with Slice Charge Pro and you can easily order from online.

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2. ORII Smart Ring

Elevate your smartphone using experience and forget about pulling out a smartphone every time with ORI Smart Ring. A unique ring that lets you control your phone in unique ways. With this ring, you can control your phone in three unique ways which are gesture control to tap on the ring. And voice control and make your smartphone experience super efficient from the ring. You can attend instant notifications, messages, tweets, calls and many more to make your overall Smurfs experience convenient.

It comes included connectivity that allows you to connect it to the smartphone app and customize how should your phone interact with ring commands. It packs a 15 milliampere polymer battery for long runtime and comes in ITX. The ORI Smart Ring allows a lot of unique features to interact with a smartphone and you can order one first so from online.

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1. CastAway™ Case

Dual-screen phones are now a trend amongst smartphones but now you can transform your single screen film into a dual-screen film with Castaway. This case comes in three different versions five-point, eight six points three and six-point nine inches. So that you can choose the right screen size according to your smartphone. This case has a built-in tablet that runs the latest version of the Chrome OS. Combined with a powerful processor and low-power ddr3 four gigabytes RAM. It can provide you fast processing power, it features a tumor pixel front camera and a 5-megapixel rear camera allowing you to take photos.

It can provide a stunning viewing experience and comes with 32 gigabytes onboard storage where you can store all of your files. The case has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and features USB 3.1 type-c ports, one audio combo jack, and one micro SD card slot. Castaway is equipped with a 35-watt hour battery which allows you to use it for a long time. It has a triste degree hinge which provides you a great opening experience and also has magnets to stay locked when closed. If you are looking for an alternate of dual screen phone then get the Castaway case right now. It’s going to inscribe them in the campaign on IndieGoGo right now and you can back them up.

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