If you’re on the shorter side or the petite side like I am I have found that these tips are very helpful. Just to have these pieces in my closet just very easy to use for work on an everyday basis. Check out 11 Style Ideas for Short Height Girls to Look Taller.

Incorporating Vertical Stripes


The first tip is actually very easy it’s just incorporating vertical stripes into your looks. Because when you wear vertical stripes it just makes your legs look a lot longer. Instantly look a little bit taller. I love doing this will work and not also makes you look taller. But it also makes you look very elegant so I really like using vertical stripes.

Wearing High-Waisted


The second tip it’s actually one of my favorites because I love this trend is wearing high-waisted jeans. Your torso actually looks a little bit longer and it just makes you look very elegant. It also flatters your figure a lot so it gives you those couple inches that you’re missing. I like to do this before work a lot especially when I’m wearing like trousers. I wear something that starts on my waist and then I’ll go to wear it like a very elegant shirt with it. And I feel like it looks very cute and it definitely makes me look a little bit taller.

Wearing Medium Heels


The third tip is actually something that we all have in our closet. So it’s gonna be very easy for you guys to use it and she’s wearing medium heels. I used to be the person that would wear like flat shoes or high heels and there was no in-between. But I have found that with my everyday life I usually walk a lot more now. And I get really tired when I’m wearing these really high heels. So for that reason, I started buying like medium sized heels. and I noticed that it definitely made a difference. When never wear flats before it was very obvious that I was on the shorter sides.

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I just started wearing these medium-sized heels and I definitely do not feel the difference anymore. I’m always gonna be the shorter person in the room there’s no way about it. It definitely makes me feel a little bit more on the normal side not that there’s anything wrong with being short. I actually absolutely love being short because we have the option to be either short or being tall. I love that but I’m usually around people that are taller so I definitely want to give myself those couple of inches.

Take Pictures


If you take pictures for Instagram which is pictures in general. When you get pictures taken to make sure that the person it’s leaning down or taking the picture from the bottom up. It makes your legs look a lot taller. You know the notice in this picture that I actually look like. I’m seven feet tall when I’m not I’m sure two five four it definitely makes a big difference. When the pictures are taking this way and this is a tip that you should definitely incorporate and hold your pictures.

Wearing Long Blouses


Number five I know this is something that I always do and always say that you shouldn’t but I’m guilty of it. And this is wearing long blouses I know I do this all the time I always see those glasses that end in the middle of your leg. Say like oh my god this would be so pretty with like a waist belt or something like that. But when I go to put them on I feel so the scars because it makes me look a lot shorter. And I have found that I have stopped wearing shirts like this. I change this kind of shirt for just once I hang on your hips. And especially you want to hang on your rip hips on the front.

But they’re longer on the back absolutely love this kind of shirt. I’m wearing leggings I don’t have to worry about like my back being shown or if they’re see-through or anything like that. Because my shirts on the back lay a little bit lower put on the front. They still give you that really cheek and classy kind of elegant look. Where they just hang on your waist and you get to look a little bit taller which is always awesome.

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Media Strips Want Miniskirts


Tip number six I feel like this isn’t obvious but I see so many people doing this. I also used to do this and that is changing the media strips want miniskirts. I used to do this all the time especially for work I used to pick skirts and below my knees. When actually I should be choosing skirts and on top of my knees so it makes a huge difference. And you don’t think it does with the media skirt your legs look a lot shorter than when you’re wearing a skirt that ends below your knees.

Oversized Bag For A Mini Bag


Number seven is changing your oversized bag for a mini bag or a crossbody one. This one
doesn’t seem as obvious and I do this I say this all the time. Because it’s comfortable just to wear an oversized back where you can just throw all the stuff that you want to carry. But actually when you change that for a smaller bag and you don’t look as petite is when you wear a big bag. It’s kind of like overshadows you and it makes you look a lot smaller compared to the huge bag there care. I found that I used to carry a lot of things that I thought I needed.



This one is very important I feel like not a lot of people do this. But if you’re wearing a maxi skirt especially when the spring in the summer is coming to make sure it has to split on your legs. And make sure your legs are showing any definite sense. Definitely, a sense to eights your legs it makes it look a lot longer than they actually are. I guarantee you that these works are one of my favorite tips and I use it all the time in the summer.

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Flared Jeans Or Pile Axle Pants


You have noticed that most tips definitely have to do with your legs. Because that’s really what’s gonna make a difference whether you look taller a little bit shorter. It’s just showing a few your legs and making them look a lot longer than they actually are. So number nine is trying to wear flared jeans or pile axle pants. Because they start very thin and then they open up on the bottom. And that makes you look a lot thinner and then a lot taller also. I love incorporating pants like this I feel like they look so cool so fun.

Monochromatic Looks And Wearing One Color


It’s actually very very easy it’s just using monochromatic looks and wearing just one color for your whole outfit. I like to do this with whites with neutrals or even black to do this with whites especially in the springtime. I love the look of it I feel like it looks so fresh so elegant and you can do this with sneakers. You can wear it with heels you can wear it with sandals and I feel like it’s so cool for you’re doing this. I feel like the accessories are what actually makes a difference for your look and I love doing this.

Wearing Phoenix


I have for you the last tip and that is wearing Phoenix or anything that accentuates your neck and your cleavage. You think that this actually doesn’t work but it definitely does work. Especially when you have a v-neck because it makes this part right here. Just look a little bit longer a lot more elegant and things just flow a little bit better. When people look at you and see you with stuff that shows your neck. It just definitely makes your neck look a lot longer I feel like. It also makes it look a little bit more classy and I love doing this with almost all my shirts.