This is the all-new Audi rs7 Sportback. The second generation of the car that’s supposed to combine the style of a coupe. The practicality of a hatchback, luxury of a limousine and the performance of a supercar. Here the car while the top 10 things you need to know about it.


Sportback is going to be mistaken for a limp-wristed standard model. It gets a honeycomb grille with Quattro star air vents and an enormous vented front splitter. That looks like it could swallow other cars. Hull bulging wheel arches, huge alloys, and sporty side skirts give the rs7 a badass profile. While at the back you get the biggest exhaust pipes ever fitted to an Audi. A sported that rises up at 75 miles an hour. The police can tell when he’s speeding brilliant.

2. Interior

The rs7 interior feels a lot more special than the basic cars. Open the door and your spot cool eliminated cells and heavily bolstered sports seats in Nappa leather. You can pay extra if you want to have them in even softer Vulcan leather. Complete with Oris badges embossed into the material out is even updated the infotainment graphics to show an or s7 on the display. Rather than a standard a7, that’s what I call attention to detail.

3. Practicality

The RS7 designed for people who can have their cake and eat it. It’s as quick and stylish as a top in a sports car. Yet it’s also practical enough to fit into your life like a big hatchback. That means it gets acres of room up front for tall adults but they should feel equally at home in the back. You can even swap the two individual body-hugging rear seats for the more practical three-seater bench. Even the boat is practical at 535 liters. It’s big enough for a set of suitcases and the large tailgate gives you more room to load bulky luggage in when you get in a normal saloon or keep.

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4. Engine

Any doubts that the rs7 means business will dissolve when you feel the full fury of the twin-turbocharged 4 liter petrol v8 hidden under the bonnet. It produces 600 horsepower and a staggering 800 Newton meters of torque. Which is fed to all four wheels through an 8-speed automatic gearbox notice 60 miles an hour is over in 3.6 seconds. While top speed is limited to 155 miles an hour. Although a being Audi will increase this to 174 miles an hour. We pay a bit more money pay a little bit more gain finality. We’ll then at the car to 190 miles an hour. If you want to make your rs7 sound as good as it can then you’ll want the optional RS sports exhaust. Wich has black tips and of course, costs even more cash. Good old Audi making a car not as good as it could be from the get-go just to rinse out its customers for all they’re worth.

5. Hybrid

Hybrids are the last thing you’d think of when you see the Rs7 but that’s exactly what it is. Well, sort of you see it’s got a 48-volt power supply and that means this cause officially a mild hybrid. It can recuperate energy when you lift your foot off the accelerator on the motorway or just switch the engine off. Saving fuel by coasting down the road. The rs7 can also engage its stop-start system quicker than a normal car. And deliver an electric power boost when making off from a standstill. The result is that this heavy 600 horsepower super-coupe a can return fuel economy of around 30 miles per gallon though not in my hands it works.

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6. Transmission

One thing that you can guarantee about a fast Audi is they’ll come with Quattro four-wheel drive and naturally. The rs7 gets the latest version most of the time it sends 60% of the power to the back wheels. To make the car feel more responsive in the corners or though to 70% of the power can go to the front of the car needs an extra grip also. The rs7 can break its inside wheels to help it turn into corners quicker. While the optional sport differential will make it possible to actually do some small tail slides.

7. Price

The RS7 Sportback is likely to cost from around 100,000 pounds and that’s before some pricey options.

8. Suspension

If you want supercar performance but a pillowy soft ride that can smooth at the bumpy roads then there’s some good news. Air suspension comes as standard on the RS 7 also. Its air suspension is fifty percent stiffer than that on the normal car. In order to cope with the RS sevens potential 190 mile an hour top speed.

9. Chassis

You can actually fit the RS 7 with optional horas sport suspension + dynamic ride control. This stitch is the normal air suspension for steel springs and dampers which are actually stiffer still also. This system can keep the sport back flat in the corners by pushing pressurized oil into the corner that’s leading the most. This helps keep the big Audi stable and level on twisty roads. If all that sounds like a recipe for discomfort and back problems. Don’t worry there’s also a comfort setting on this sport suspension so it’s still easy to live with every day.

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10. Steering

As standard, the RS 7 gets progressive steering. This means you don’t have to turn the steering wheel as much when you get to tighter bends. If you want an even quicker response then is the optional dynamic or wheel steering a high speed. This will turn the rear wheels in the same direction as the Front’s to improve stability all at lower speeds. The opposite happens and the rear wheels go in the opposite direction to the Front’s like on a forklift truck. That makes this huge RS ever more maneuverable in confined spaces. Like multi-story car parks. You’re less likely to curb its expensive alloy wheels.