This is the new Audi SQ8 the fastest version of Audi. It’s a huge coupe a star SUV and here we have the top 10 things you need to know about it.


The new SQ8 has a revised grille with vertical slats which make it looks a bit like it’s wearing Hannibal mask. The car also gets a bulging wheel, arches alloy wheels up to 22 inches and for real exhaust pipes instead of the plastic fakery fitted to the standard Q8.

2. Engine

Behind the SQ8 unique grille, you’ll find a unique engine a 435 horsepower, 4 liter V8 diesel, pumping out a colossal 900 Newton meters of torque. That’s 200 Newton meters more than a Range Rover Sport SVR has that huge torque. Comes courtesy of three turbochargers including two sequential turbos and also an electric compressor that runs off the cars. A 48-volt power supply provides a boost at low engine speeds. When there aren’t enough exhaust gases to effectively spin up the turbos this setup should help eliminate turbo lag.

3. Interior

Inside the SQ8 gets a number of features that help it stand out from the pleb a 65,000-pound standard car. You get illuminated skid plates, one-piece leather sport seats, aluminum pedals, and metal trim pieces. Of course, if you want to spend more money how do you will happily oblige from the options list you can choose. Softer bulk owner leather, fill the cabin with carbon fiber and get cool mood lighting.

4. Price

The new SQ8 will cost him around 85 thousand pounds when it goes on sale in the UK. Later this year that’s about 15 grand blessed and you’re paid for a Range Rover Sport SVR. 20 grand less than Porsche wants for a Cayenne coupe a turbo.

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5. Performance

The SQ8 combines the body of an elephant with the performance of a cheetah. It’s tri turbo v8 wallops it from naught to 60 miles an hour in 4.8 seconds. On to a top speed of 155 miles an hour. Yet fuel economy of 30 miles per gallon is possible according to IoT that’s pretty impressive. If this was a petrol car you’d be looking at about 20 miles per gallon for similar performance.

6. Sporty

The SQ8 air suspension system is slightly lower and firmer than in the standard
car for a sharper drive. You can also upgrade it with optional active anti-roll bars. These tighten up in the corners to stop the 2.22. An SUV leaning like a drunk Abba Bob but then they disengaged completely on the straights. So it’s as if there aren’t any actually fitted at all. Thereby allowing the car to float over bumps with the waft Enos of a land barge.

7. Four-Wheel Drive

The Audi SQ8 four-wheel-drive system sends most of its power to the back wheels to make it feel sporty in the corners also. You can add a limited-slip rear differential this sends power to the back wheel. Which has the most grip for better corner exiting traction? The system also helps when you’re off-roading. Though to be fair this isn’t the kind of SUV you’re really gonna go mud plugging in.

8. Steering

You think that driving the huge SQ8 through tight streets will be trickier than squeezing a supertanker and be a local canal. Not so it’s optional rear-wheel steering turns the back wheels in the opposite direction of the front to aid low-speed maneuverability. Meanwhile, at high speeds, all four wheels turn in the same direction as this helps improve high-speed stability.

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9. Exhaust

The SQ8 is a diesel so obviously, it’s gonna sound pretty dreadful right well Brom. Actually, its exhaust is fitted with sound actuators that produce more LD calls. This sonorous sound of an 8 cylinder engine. It doesn’t have quite the rumble you get from an SVR range rover but it doesn’t sound off bad. If you get bored with the noise you can turn it off using the cars drive select system.

10. Brakes

To go with the Audi SQ8 series turn of speed get a serious set of brakes up front. There’s a pair of powerful six-piston calipers with 16-inch ventilated discs. They’re bigger than some wheels fitted to an Audi a1. Even the 14-inch rear discs are larger than some car wheels what more stopping power. Well, you’re in or outta luck depending on where you buy the car. You see the fade-resistant carbon-ceramic disc brakes that are an option in Germany aren’t actually available in the UK which is annoying. Although regardless of which market you’re in od will paint your calipers. If you’d like which doesn’t quite make up for the lack of common ceramics.