New Land Rover Discovery sport a car, that’s perfect for the school run especially if the school in question is halfway up a mountain. So here are the car out top 10 things you need to know about it:


Car is based on the previous discovery sport, however, there have been lots of changes both mechanically and visually to help boost its appeal. The most obvious updates are at the front where a redesigned grille and light cluster brings the car more in line. The lights and bumpers at the rear of the car being updated thankfully unlike the full-fat. Discovery the sport doesn’t have the OCD aggravating offset reanima plate.


Engine choices for the new discovery sport are pretty simple. There’s a 2-liter petrol engine with either 200 or 250 horsepower or a 2-liter diesel with either 240 180 or 150 horsepower. This lower power version is the only discovery sport which comes with front-wheel drive and a manual gearbox. The others are proper four by fours with a nine-speed auto and they also boast mild hybrid technology to help make them as efficient as possible.


Land Rover’s legendary off-road capabilities are all present and correct in the new Discovery Sport. Front-wheel drive car you see all-wheel-drive versions based Land Rover’s clever terrain response to the system. It allows you to choose between four different surface modes road, sand, grass gravel, and snow. If that all sounds a little bit too complex don’t worry the systems automatic mode will choose the best setting for the conditions automatically.

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New Land Rover Discovery Sport is on sale. Prize from just under 32 thousand pounds, but that’s for the front-wheel drive. One hundred and fifty horsepower diesel in bog-standard trim which includes a little more than wheels, doors, and seats. So really you don’t want that card there. However, three more substantial trim levels the OKs. The better still and the range-topping HSE all of which you can upgrade further with a sporty or dynamic pack which adds some racy accouterments to help turn the little disco into more of a rave. If you go too far at the range the car could cost more than fifty thousand pounds.


Discovery sport gets Land Rovers to touch pro entertainment system.10 inch high definition central touchscreen that’s both apple car play and android auto compatible. Below that there’s a second touch screen which operates the heating ventilation and drives settings. Then you have a 12-inch digital driver display that replaces the normal and log dials.

Plug-in Hybrid

Land Rover will launch a plug-in hybrid version of the discovery sport later. This year there are a few details about this more economical model. It should have an electric-only range of around 30 miles when used in conjunction. With the combustion engine along with regular charging, you could see a Land Rover that’s capable of over 100 miles per gallon. So you can take your 4×4 on the school run with a clearish conscience.


Some of the new technology that was first shown on the new Evoque makes its way onto the Discovery Sport. Including the clear sight ground view system this uses a camera in the front grille to protect a live 180-degree view of what’s ahead and underneath the car. The central touchscreen this can help you negotiate tricky terrain when you’re out in the wilderness or at your check if you just run over the pet, cat on your driveway. The rearview mirror can display a live digital feed from a camera on the back of the car.

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One of the great things about the Discovery Sport is the fact it’s a seven-seater. Even land rover admits in the third row are quite cramped compared to Hyundai Santa Fe or Skoda Kodiak. The middle row is very spacious though and you can split it 40/20/40 and it can be slid backward or forwards to help provide a little more room.


Reversing with the trailer requires quite a bit of practice as you have to steer in the opposite direction. The Discovery sport optional advanced toe assist feature takes all the skill out of the process. You just have to show it where you want your trailer positioned and the car does the hard part. The steering enabling even the most inept Parker to look like an expert HDB driver.

Smart settings

Discovery sport is like a long-term relationship the longer you spend with the car the better it gets.  For instance, it uses artificial intelligence algorithms to learn your habits over time. The car can then set at the seat and steering wheel position before you get in. It will even learn your preferred temperature settings, media preferences, and commonly dialed numbers.