There are some countries which are hot and tourists are flocking to. Check out these 8 hottest destination people are flocking through out the year.


This southern European nation may not be what initially comes to mind when you think of a host country. In the summer the weather in Romania is certainly warm and inviting. The country’s terrain is covered in woods on its eastern coast alongside the Black Sea. You’ll find plenty of bright sunny beaches and seaside resorts. Bucharest is also a city with many charms. If you want a vacation with a twist though Romania has some truly wondrous attractions. Including the famous brand castle in Transylvania, a national monument and a purported inspiration for the Dracula legend. If natural beauties more your thing there are numerous mountain ranges and even mud volcanoes to explore.


A real up-and-comer on the tourism popularity circuit. This Southeast Asian country is becoming more and more dare we say it hip. Especially with travelers from neighboring countries like China. With ancient monasteries speckling the slopes of the Himalayas. Bhutan is as beautiful as it is unique. And the requirement that visitors must spend a certain amount of money per day. The large fees ensure a high-quality visit and since they’re paid through the country’s Tourism Board it’s much harder to get ripped off.


This Central American country is lined with tropical beaches on both of its coasts. And has a lively capital city not to mention that one of the main currencies is the US dollar. Many locals understand English. The historically crucial Panama Canal enabling travel between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Without having to sail all the way around continents is a feat of engineering. You can be sure of a warm welcome staying in the modern capital. Panama City still means easy access to beautiful national parks and tropical rainforests.

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This Central African country has suffered mightily both politically and socially over the years. It is finally bouncing back as one of the most exciting destinations for sightseers and adventurers. Vast national parks are home to unique wildlife like enormous African elephants the biggest land animals alive today. As well as Lion’s, rhinos and zebras oh my all of which you can see on one of the many safaris. Other must-see attractions of the stunning Victoria Falls which straddle the border with Zambia and the Metabo hills. A UNESCO site preserving relics of ancient African culture.


There may be something for everyone in Cambodia but it is an especially great place for people who want to explore rich history and culture. One of the country’s most stunning monuments is the nine hundred-year-old temple complex of Angkor Wat. Which draws in more tourists than anything else. There are more recent historical landmarks to tour. As well there are numerous destinations detailing the horrors of the Khmer Rouge regime. Like tours around the harrowing Chung Eck and the Toul Sleng genocide museum in Phnom Penh. If you want something lighter in tone. There are many stunning beaches and small islands that don’t pack huge crowds.


This island nation boasts some of the most renowned beaches in the whole Caribbean. Most prominently the powdery white sands of grande. Oz that are pulling in tourists in droves this year. If you’re looking for lovely blue ocean, sandy coves and palm trees Grenada is your best bet. It’s also famous for its spices and it is thus nicknamed spice aisle and is a large producer of cocoa. There’s even a renowned chocolate festival to celebrate the world’s favorite candy. Even if you miss the festival there are still lots of attractions centered around chocolate. Like the tour at the Belmont estate and the house of chocolate in the capital st. George’s.

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is not only one of the best places in the world to live frequently topping the world happiness index. But it’s also a great choice to visit. Thousands of tourists can’t be wrong. It’s also an especially sustainable place to visit with aims to become a carbon-neutral country as early as 2021. It’s ideal for eco-tourists around the world who want to see nature without disturbing it finally. Many say that Costa Rican coffee is the best you can get but you’ll have to try it for yourself to decide if they’re right.


More tourists are visiting Portugal than ever before. Now’s the time to find out what all the fuss is about for the younger crowds. The capital Lisbon is a thriving metropolis full of trendy venues and high-end restaurants. It won’t break the bank as much as other European capitals for those looking for a more relaxed sojourn. The tranquil Douro Valley with its scenic river and famous vineyards is ideal for a wine-centric vacation you’re not likely to forget. While the Portuguese summer is certainly enjoyable pushing your trip back until fall will guarantee milder weather and thinner crowds. Don’t forget the Algarve and its magnificent beaches.