Although most modern monitors come with a monitor stand beforehand. They fail to provide customization options to build a dual monitor setup perfectly. This is where the dual monitor arms come in handy, as they provide tons of customizable options. In today’s post, we are going to show you the five best arms for a dual monitor setup that fits your purpose best. We deliver a complete buying guide for tech enthusiasts. We try our best to make you pick the best pc components, laptops, and other tech gadgets with brief technical information, pros and cons ratings, and recommendations.

Viozon Monitor and Laptop Mount

We have the Viozon Monitor and Laptop Mount, a two in one monitor mount that offers astonishing adjustability in your workstation. It is made of heavy-duty and premium aluminium, this dual monitor arm is capable of holding display weights of more than 8kg like a beast. At the edge of the monitor arm, you will find the tension adjustment to fine-tune your heavy monitor even if it exceeds the maximum weight capacity. This monitor offers a 360-degree swivel enabling you to adjust your computer and your laptop screen to the most comfortable positions. On top of that, the monitor mounting arm offers a 145-degree tilt and combined with the 45 degrees tail of the laptop arm you will be relieved from neck stress. Simple yet fashionable, this dual monitor mounting arm offers some decent features. If you often find yourself working for long hours the Viozon Monitor and Laptop Mount is must-have equipment for you.

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Fits Screen Size17″ to 32″
Height Adjust7.5-16.5 inches
BracketRotate 360, Tilts-55+90
Maximum Horizontal Distance20.5

Suptek Dual LED LCD Monitor Stand

We have the Suptek Dual LED LCD Monitor Stand, a vertical mounting stand that will enhance your creative lifestyle. This mounting arm is capable of mounting monitors up to 27 inches and you will find greater convenience while working on different projects. This monitor features 45 degrees up and down that will make you achieve a creative screen position and it can be rotated at 360 degrees which will assist you while working on programming or artistic projects. The freestanding base will let you effortlessly move your monitors anywhere according to your convenience. It also comes with an optional grow matt base, that is capable of fitting on desk up to 4 inches thickness and will let yourself your valuable desk space. The amazing thing about this dual monitor arm is that it has integrated cable management that keeps your desk tidy and clean. Simple, minimalistic, and user friendly. If you are a programmer or engaged in similar types of technical work we highly recommend the Suptek Dual LED LCD Monitor Stand to maximize your productivity.


Fits Screen Sizeup to27″
Height Adjust7.5-16.5 inches
BracketRotates 360, Tilts-45
Weight Capacity22lbs

NB North Bayou Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand

We have the NB North Bayou Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand, a full-motion swivel desk mount that will ease up your demanding desk job. This dual monitor arm is capable of holding most 17 inches to 27-inch miners which will give you plenty of options to choose from with 360-degree monitor rotation and swivel range of up to 90 degrees you will experience amazing comfort while working. Additionally, the ergonomics of this monitor grants you the freedom to adjust your monitor height and angle which will protect your spine neck, and shoulder from stress. The arm offers both desk clamp and grommet installation providing you with the diverse choices to get creative with your office. Dual monitor setup with full adjustability ergonomic design and average installation choice, this dual monitor rests well. If you are in search of a dual monitor arm for your office task the NB North Bayou Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand should be your top pick.

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Fits screen sizeup to 27″
Height Adjust10 inches
BracketRotates 360, Tilts 85
Weight Capacity19.8lbs

Amazon Basics Dual Monitor Stand

We have a budget-friendly dual monitor mount that will help you to serve you well made of high-quality durable steel. This monitor can hold screens of up to 22 pounds without breaking a sweat. The arm of this dual monitor stand is capable of holding monitors up to 27 inches and will enable you to multitask effectively. It also offers 360-degree rotation that will enable you to switch between landscape or portrait mode almost instantly with height adjustability of 7.9 to 14.2 inches. Browsing the web streaming on Netflix or displaying gaming walkthroughs will be a lot convenient. It is filled with loads of helpful features such as cable management system height adjustment and effortless screen transitions. If you are low on budget and are looking for a dual monitor arm to build a sleek looking dual monitor setup the AmazonBasics Dual Monitor Stand has got you covered.


Fits Screen Sizeup to 27″
Height Adjust7.9 to 14.2 inches
BracketRotates 360, Tilts-15 to 85 degrees
Weight Capacity22lbs

BONTEC Dual Monitor Mount

We have the BONTEC Dual Monitor Mount, a beast of its kind that can take on any variation that you throw at it. It’s capable of holding monitors weighing as much as 22 pounds. This monitor arm will save up your desk space to add a minimalistic touch to it. Thanks to his diversified VESA mount, you won’t find any problem while mounting. Almost any sand screen monitors with a maximum arm extension length of 430 millimetres, you will find an optimum viewing angle while working on projects multitasking or gaming. The heavy-duty c-clamp fits desk thickness between 10 millimetres and 100 millimetres providing you with maximum stability, sturdy construction, modern design, and a great deal of customization that has made it possible for this dual monitor arm to snatch the best position of our list. If you are unsure about a visual mounted arm will suit you best.

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Fits Screen SizeUp to 27″
Arm Extension length430mm
BracketRotates 360, Tilts 90
Weight Capacity22 lbs