This is the revised Audi A4 for the firm’s freshened off alternative to the all-new BMW 3-series and recently revised Mercedes c-class. Top ten things you need to know about it.


The new A4 might only be an update but it’s had a facelift that Sharon Osbourne would be proud of. The bonnet roof and boot lid have been carried over from the old bottle. You now get LED lights as standard new bumpers and you look grill and new creases down the car sides. It has been enough to secure the a4 number one spot in the executive car park.

2. Infotainment

MMI controller you know that really handy system that made it easy to navigate through the force infotainment system while driving. Just by using a swivel wheel well forget it because it’s God instead. Now get a center of touchscreen that’s as fiddly as sewing in boxing gloves. The good news is they do understand spoken word commands well sort of just like in the BMW 3-series. Which is also sort of the use swarm technology to hog you avoid traffic and find nearby parking.

3. Price

You can expect the price of the new A4 to increase by around 1,000 to 2,000 pounds
when it goes on sale later this year. That means entry-level petrol will set you back about thirty thousand pounds. The new performance s fork with its four-wheel drive and standard automatic gearbox is likely to cost closer to fifty thousand pounds.

4. S4

Diesel is as beloved as an electric generator in an Amish town but clearly, Aldi didn’t get the memo. Because it swapped the s for screaming v6 petrol engine for a day all engine in Venice. It’s not just any old diesel the 3-liter v6 pumps at 347 horsepower and enough torque to reverse the Earth’s rotation. If you don’t mind me using a motoring journalist cliche yes 700 Newton meters of the stuff. It Sprint’s for naught to 60 in just 4.7 but returns fuel economy apparently of 45 miles per gallon. That’s 50 percent better than you’ll get from a petrol alternative such as the Mercedes AMG C 43.

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5. 48v

The diesel engine isn’t the only change you’ll find into the S 4 skin. It also gets a 48-volt power supply in place of the usual 12-volt electrical system fitted it in. Those extra volts they used to spin up the S 4’s electric turbocharger instantly for short bursts of acceleration. They also help the car recuperate power loss when coasting and braking apparently. This clever technology increases fuel economy by about 5 miles per gallon.

6. Suspension

You can have your new Audi a4 with either the comfortable standard suspension or a torta sporty-er setup for more control in the corners. The latter also makes the car look more purposeful by dropping its ride height by 23 millimeters. Both suspension options can be combined with damper control. Which allows you to set the car up for complete or sporty driving depending on the kind of road you’re driving on or your mood.

7. All-Road

The rugged A4 Allroad has also been updated. It gets a unique new grille chunky wheel arch extensions and roof bars. To give it the look of a quasi SUV now I haven’t mispronounced cashcard. I meant to say quasi anyway it’s not all sure – no trousers. Because Ali has increased the car’s height by 35 millimeters to help it clear curbs and fitted underbody cutting to protect the underside. Even if it does get scraped on a speed hump you also get standard Quattro four-wheel drive with a unique off-road setting for extra grip which should be good for the overflow car park at the races.

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8. Petrol

The Audi A4 is available with two petrol engines offering 150 or 190 horsepower. The former will hit sixty miles an hour in around nine seconds. While the 190 horsepower version does it in seven. Both versions have a 12-volt model hybrid system. That means they’ll be able to return fuel economy of around 50 miles per gallon claimed fuel economy.

9. Naming

This is the first a fall raised to get out is confusing new model naming convention. Badges relating to models engine capacity have been scrapped in favor of a series of random numbers. It’s not random it’s to do with power let me explain to you. The a4 range now kicks off with the 136 horsepower 30 TDI diesel. Runs through 3540 32 with the 45 which gets either a 190 horsepower diesel or a 231 horsepower petrol. Not strictly in relation to power but kind of yet this makes about as much sense as calling your pet cat a vegan.

10. Diesel

The thought might be available with fancy mild-hybrid technology. But to get the best fuel economy you will still want to choose from one of the three standard diesel models. You can have either a 2-liter version with either 136 or 163 horsepower. These returned fuel economy of more than 60 miles per gallon. You can go for the 231 horsepower 3 liter v6 which combines smooth and effortless performance with fuel economy of around 55 miles per gallon.