E-bikes are great but they can be expensive to own however thanks to innovative technology you can now transform your existing bike into an E-bike without spending a lot of money. Yes now you can do that easily with E-bike conversion kits, these kits come in compact and lightweight construction and are super easy to mount on any road bikes. Hybrid bikes, MTB’s, fixes step-through bikes, and many more.

There are 3 motor options for the Electric bicycle conversion kit.

Front-Wheel Drive: The motor is mounted at the front wheel of the bicycle. The motor drives you forward as you ride the bicycle. It is the most reasonable option, but as compared to its alternatives, it also causes the bike to lag a little bit. It is not recommended a Front Wheel Drive Motor in urban areas.

Rear Wheel Drive: The motor is mounted in the rear wheel of the bicycle. The motor gives you a gentle push from behind as you ride the bicycle, which results in a very pleasant ride. Because of its comfort and good price point this location is highly recommended.

Rear Wheel Drive with Spline: This motor set is designed for high-end bicycles that have a rear gear disc Spline fitting.

In this post, we are going to show you five best E-bike conversion kits that can turn your existing bike into an E-bike.

Aosom 26 Bike Kit

Turn your regular bicycle into a formidable electric bike with this awesome 26-inch e-bike conversion kit. It uses an electric-powered back wheel designed specifically to be used with the motor. It has a powerful 1000-watt, 48-volt motor. The controller back wheel and brake controllers with the help of the rear-wheel-drive motor its electric controller goes up to 28 miles per hour. The wheel fits most 26-inch tire slots.

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It uses thumb throttle for acceleration comes with an LCD display that shows information like battery status, distance, and speed. The battery, disc brake, and charger are not included in the box. However, this kit is compatible with any bike and 140-millimeter to 160-millimeter disc brakes. It has two hand brakes to slow its powerful motor down with ease.


  • Easy installing
  • Brushless hub motor
  • Efficient
  • Two hand brakes
  • Pedal sensor


  • Difficult instruction manual
  • Disk brake not included
  • Battery and charger excluded


Battery compatibility48V
Max Speed28 MPH
DisplayLCD Display
Wheel 26 rear
Weight28.7 lbs


What stands out about HalloMotor is the quality and components it is offering at an affordable package. There are two power options when it comes to HalloMotor rear-wheel electric bike conversion kit.

One is 36-volt and 1200-watt while the other one is a 48-volt and 1500-watt motor. With this kit your bike can achieve up to 34.8 miles per hour additionally it gives riders an adjustable 5 level intelligent pedal-assist motor.

It also features a 26-inch rear wheel that fits in most of the bikes. The 45A Sino Ware controller comes in a controller bag. It has twisty speed throttle with electric key lock along with handlebar grips. it comes with a color LCD display, two brake levers and battery connecting cable and a parallax sensor.


  • High motor efficiency
  • Motorized wheel
  • 2 brake levers
  • Color LCD
  • Battery connecting cable


  • No battery
  • No disc brake


Battery compatibility36V/48V
Max Speed3408 MPH
Wheel 26″ rear
Weight15.5 lbs

AW Rear Wheel Electric Kit

If you’re considering getting a rear hub motor for great riding experience then the AW 48-volt 1000-watt is the best budget option you can get. This 48-volt 1000-watt powerful motor conversion kit comes with an efficient dual-mode controller this means it is set up for durability and the long life of the system. This rear hub motor is surprisingly quiet considering it has so much power. On a typical bike, it can achieve a maximum speed of 32 miles per hour on the flat surface. It has a thumb throttle control, whether pedal assist is on or off.

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A large and attractive LCD display is installed which shows you the battery power time, speed, mileage, and gears. Three LED controllers show you how much battery life is remaining however they also offer a powerful front-wheel kit option. If you want the best rear hub motor that is worth your money then AW is a perfect match for you the price.


  • Excellent ride quality
  • powerful motor
  • Great value for money
  • Easy to fit
  • Cheap and efficient


  • unpleasant wheel noise
  • Increase tube puncture possibility


Battery compatibility48V
Max Speed32 MPH
Wheel 26″
ControllerDual mode

JaxPety Front Wheel Conversion kit

The front-wheel JaxPety is one of the best electric conversion kits available in the market it’s super easy to install and have it on your bike. Its motor is rated 36-volt 500-watt or 48-volt 1000-watt which is downgraded to 750-watt to make it a road legal in the USA.

Jaxpety has a brushless hub eliminating friction and unnecessary noise during cycling. With this conversion kit, you can effortlessly reach a speed of up to 28 miles per hour. Rare Earth metal magnets are used in motors to produce large power efficiently, you can use E-bike mode, and a Paddle assistance system in it. The kit comes with a nylon tire, alloy rim, and stainless steel spokes.

Its brake levers can control the speed or cut off the power supply to the motor safety and stop it uses two’s throttle for acceleration. If you want to convert your standard normal bike into a superpower performing electric bike the 36 volt 500-watt and 48-volt 1000-watt electric bicycle kits are the best choice for you with a price range of around 160 dollars.

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  • Unique design
  • Great speed
  • Affordable
  • Minimum noise
  • Different battery types compatible


  • No battery or brake
  • few threads on tire


Battery compatibility36V/48V
Max SpeedUpto 28 MPH
Riding way2
Wheel 26″
WeightUpto 20 lbs

Bafang 8Fun

The Bafang 8Fun which is the best mid-drive E-buy kit for the year of 2020. The mid-drive motor operates on 750-watts and 48-volt. Mid-drive means the motor is in the middle part of your bicycle it can comfortably achieve 24 miles per hour of speed.

This kit is designed to fit a standard 68 to the 73-millimeter bottom bracket, its motor controller always lets you monitor what is happening on the inside through its color LCD display unit. Bafang comes with a 48-volt 12 AH water bottle mount lithium-ion battery.

All its components and wirings are waterproof and protected, the range you get from this battery depends on what kind of riding you will be doing because of the online tracking system included by the manufacturers you can always know the location of your electric bike.


  • powerful motor
  • Lightweight
  • Simple setup and operation
  • Great battery
  • Quiet and efficient
  • Looks awesome


  • Less wattage
  • Expensive


Battery Yes, 48V Lithium-Ion
Max SpeedUp to 24 MPH
Bike Compatibility68-73 mm bottom bracket