60 Trendiest Neck Length Haircuts For Women

First of all, healthy, beautiful hair is in fashion every season, and therefore, after the winter cold, you should strengthen your hair a little, revitalize and feed with masks, and only then rush to the salon to make a new trendy haircut.

The choice of length this season is not relevant since haircuts are presented in a wide range – it can be smooth long strands or tousled careless feathers, gentle waves, layering and play of lengths. Also, I gave you a list of the best neck-length haircuts today. Each picture is based on a wide range of bangs: messy and neat, very short and very long (up to the eyes), angled and straight.

Today, many women lead an active lifestyle: they organize their business, go in for sports, are constantly in a hurry; therefore, they do not have enough time to care for long hair and prefer short haircuts. In addition, modern hairstyles for Neck Length Haircuts rejuvenate a women, emphasize beautiful facial features, and fit with lightning speed.

Hair is an undeniably important element of a women’s appearance. You can change your style, age, and even the visual perception of your body shape with just one hairstyle.

How to Cut Your Neck Length Hair

If you’re looking for a chic, modern style that will flatter your face, then a neck-length haircut is perfect for you. Here are some tips to help you get the look you want:

  1. Length: Keep your cut at least one inch below your collarbone. This length will elongate your figure and make your neck look thinner.
  2. Style: Loose curls or waves will frame your face and create movement. If you want a more dressed up look, try a sleek low side-swept hairstyle or a high bun.
  3. Face Shape: A neck-length hair cut is versatile enough to work with most face shapes, but keep in mind that it’s usually best to stick to cuts that fall closer to the middle of your hairline if you have a round or oval face shape. A long bob or layered haircut will also work well on women with round faces.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Cutting Your Neck Length Haircut

If you’re considering a neck-length haircut, you’ve come to the right place! This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process

If you’re thinking about changing up your hairstyle this season, consider a neck-length haircut. Not only does it look hot, but it’s also practical for both summer and winter. Here’s how to get the look:

  1. Start by cutting your hair short on the sides and back. This will give you a more contemporary style.
  2. Cut around your face so that your hair falls just below your jawline in a sleek bob or style.
  3. Make sure to leave some length on top and at the back of your head, where it can be styled into a messy bun or edgy style.
  4. Use medium-hold hairspray to keep the style in place all day long!

Remember: A little patience goes a long way when it comes to modifying your hairstyle!

The Best Neck Length Haircuts for Women

Looking for the perfect neck length haircut? You’re in luck, because we’ve compiled the best neck length haircuts for women right here. From lobs to choppy layers, these styles will suit any occasion or look. So whether you’re looking for a new style or want to update an old one, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re considering a lob, be sure to go shorter on the sides and longer on top. This will give your hair more dimension and volume. For a more layered look, try chopping your hair into several layers at the bottom and top of your head. This will create a natural-looking effect without having to use too many products. And if you want something extra daring, go for a razor-cut neck length haircut! These cuts are always popular and easy to maintain. So whatever style you’re looking for, be sure to check out our list of the best neck length haircuts for women!

Bob Cut

The usual neck Length haircut always remains relevant. There are many bob haircut options for neck Length hair, and you can choose softer contours without sharp transitions or give preference to geometry.

Lob Cut


Women who don’t care much about their hair like the lob or long bob. It gives women with fine or thin hair more volume. It falls between the chin and the shoulders and is the perfect neck-length haircut for your personality.

Karen Cut

It is a simple haircut, but there are many variations: torn strands, a square on a leg, with elongation. A neck Length bob is more relevant than ever this season. When choosing such a haircut, it is better to prefer clear lines and even cuts, and a bob goes well with straight bangs.

Pixie Cut

Many Hollywood stars have already tried this haircut, such as Rihanna, Natalie Portman, Anne Haytway, Halle Berry, and others. The word “pixie” means elf in translation, and indeed this haircut gives the image a little playfulness and fabulousness.

Bixie Cut


This 90s favorite is back and better than ever. This cut is comfortable, versatile, rejuvenating, and easy to maintain.

Wolf Cut


The wolf cut is the chicest and most daring cut of the moment. It combines the mullet and shaggy, two popular styles. A stylish, easy-to-style mix of styles. Air-dry and shape it. Its only drawback is that you’ll need to touch it up often to keep it natural.



This undercut has a rebellious look and many styling options due to its longer top. You get a classic look if you comb it to one side and leave the bangs on one side.

Bangs Cut

The presence of a strand of hair on the brow might overpower the cheeks’ plumpness and an excessively round face. However, oblique, somewhat extended bangs, as well as thinning, would be beneficial.

Fringe Cut


Fringes are in style, and you can wear them without feeling self-conscious if you have a long neck and curly, straight, or layered hair.

Mullet Cut


It is characterized by shorter hair on top and sides and longer back. This layered cut allows various bangs. This proposal changes depending on layer length and arrangement.

Shaggy Cut


Another 2023 trend is wavy shaggy. Many celebrities have changed their look and chosen one of the most popular shoulder-length hairstyles. “The fuzzy cut a degraded look with more volume at the top and less at the ends.

Micro Bob


Another wild card cut in recent hair trends is the bob. The micro bob, a shorter version, adds volume and enhances oval faces and fine hair. It is elegant and sophisticated—a comfortable, versatile, and flattering option for younger and older women.

French Bob


With its wavy hair and open bangs, this style looks a little wrinkled and gets longer below the ear, like a classic bob.

Garcon Cut

During work, the stylist mills strands on the temples, bangs, and back of the head. Haircut garcon outwardly resembles a pixie haircut, but still, they have differences.

Layers Cut

Women with short necks go high styling. It was collected in a ponytail, braid, or bun at the crown, in the upper part of the back of the head. Tight or loose designs will do.


If you can afford a radical change of image and cut your hair, pay attention to the options for haircuts with a minimum length of strands.

Layered Cut

Layered and graduated haircuts also visually elongate the neck, making it long and beautiful. Choose clothes with the right neckline to consolidate the effect.

Hightail Cut

Hair gathered up, the tail itself, located on the crown – what you need to stretch your face. And, of course, this hairstyle is comfortable and suitable for any occasion.

Choppy Bob


Combining a choppy bob with a classic bob lightens the volume and avoids rounding your head. This hairstyle looks even better with a balayage effect.

Puffytail Cut

Hairstyles are performed with the volume on the crown. The hair is collected at the crown. A long ponytail with a pile will additionally stretch the neck from behind.

Ponytails Cut

Ponytails are similar to a short flight of stairs but have more substantial drops and are very simple to perform. All hair is divided into four equal ponytails – right, left, front, and back.

Side Parting

Visual lengthening of the head can be achieved if the parting is shifted from the center. An asymmetrical “correct” hairstyle will not bring the desired result to a women with voluminous forms, whose desire to hide rounded imperfections.

Karen Bangs


Women’s haircut for medium curly hair that is fashionable. Thick and lush bangs with a bob will highlight the beauty of the hair and add shine. Cut bangs that are straight and even, and style them with light texturizing products.

Straight Bangs

A haircut is again coming to the forefront, but uneven strands and waves on the sides are now offered. When styling, you don’t need to try hard. You have to ruffle your hair a little, give it randomness and sprinkle it with varnish.

Even Cut

Smooth, as if trimmed on a ruler, the ends allow you to emphasize the shine and smoothness of long strands.

Messy Hair

The canvas should not have split ends. A mirror shine is encouraged, more accessible to obtain by dyeing laminating.

Classic Bob

A classic straight bob just below the chin but above the shoulders is a haircut whose name is known to every hairdresser.

Butterfly Cut


This two-in-one cut works on hair about a third down the back. This frames the face with hair. It involves cutting the hair into a large layer that resembles a bob when up and has lots of movement when down. Add short layers to long hair from the middle to the ends.

Oblique Bangs

Always style your hair slightly carelessly. And by adding an asymmetrical oblique bangs, you can further lengthen your face.

Middle Part Bob

The hairstyle will open the neck area, due to which it will become a little longer and thinner. To achieve the desired effect, contact professional specialists.

Long Bob

Haircut long caret, “overgrown caret,” or long bob is performed on elongated strands. This hairstyle looks beautiful, for example, with styling in large waves.

Split Midway


Many celebrities have cut their long or mid-length hair to this flattering style. The influencer wears this hairstyle now. They wear it straight, jaw-level, parted in the middle and ends inward.

Curly Bob Cut


We now know the bob sweeps. Curly hair works too. If not, tell Blanca Romero that she’s been showing off her perfect natural curls with this flattering weathered bob. When she wants something longer, the model switches to fuzzy.

Flipped Layers


Pulling out the ends layers hair traditionally. This softens your cut and adds movement to your sleek straight hairstyle. To look polished, blow-dry hair in sections with a round brush.

Pixie With Bangs


A timeless classic, the pixie always wins. Bangs and one-sided partings will be popular this year. This iconic style looks great or a boyish one with more extended outlines. This haircut works well for women with fine hair and round, oval, or square faces. It’s versatile and fresh.

Bob’s Busy Bangs


Like Taylor Swift, bushy bangs are a great way to update the your bob haircut. It flatters long-faced women.

Neck-length Pony


Look no further if you’re wondering how to pull off a pony with neck-length hair! This small ponytail is picture-perfect, combining comfort, elegance, and sleek style.

Layers With Angles


Asymmetric layers, regardless of length, color, or texture, add unrivalled excitement to any style. Tell your stylist to incorporate some sharp angles to achieve the edgy up-do.

Blunt Bob Haircut


People also wear this cut, which will always stay in style. It’s a French-style blunt bob that leaves the neck open and is great for people with short necks.

Retro Bob Haircut


On the red carpet, celebrities often choose a very retro style with waves that look like they belong in Hollywood. Many celebrities wear this attractive retro bob cut.

Inverted Bob Cut


The inverted bob is a classic hairstyle. It is asymmetrical, and the hair falls in undone waves.

V-shape Layers Cut


For those with thick, full hair, a look that is longer in the back and shorter in the front is a great option. It maintains structure while not interfering with your natural texture.

Shoulder-length Cut


Shoulder-length layers add movement and volume to straight or wavy hair. For women with fine or thin hair, it can add volume. You can cut layers differently to look different.

Curly Punk Hairstyle


Many women believe that curly hair is unruly and difficult to manage. You can currently wear the latest trends in short and curly haircuts, as well as the curly punk cut, which is a radical style in which the sides of the head are shaved, and the top part is longer and with waves.

The Classic Cascade


This option is simple to maintain and versatile, as a fashionable women’s haircut cascade for medium hair can be worn by women of any age or style. Request that the front curls be left a little longer and that incisions be made from the middle of the hair.

Bob in Gray With Layers


As this medium-length bob is, many-layered bob haircuts are longer in the front and shorter in the back.

Sleek Blunt Brunette Bob


Demi Lovato will undoubtedly approve of this stylish blunt bob. Flat-iron your hair for a smooth, sleek appearance. The minimal layering may give the impression of simplicity, but this stunning cut is anything but.

Asymmetrical Long Bob


It is a shoulder-length bob cut in the back and peeks out over the collarbones in the front. The length is different on one side, which makes it stand out. It is perfect for giving straight hair movement in a way that is easy to comb daily.

Straight Hair With Bangs


Even more so if your hair is straight, adding bangs to your medium-length cut will give it a casual and modern touch. It would be best if you didn’t always try to make these bangs look straight and perfect. Instead, they should be casual.

Up-do for the Neck-length


We’ve all seen a variety of hair buns and up-dos looks. What about this neck-length hair up-do? It is indeed graceful and elegant. What better than hairdos if you love and prefer elegant and classy looks? It can perfectly fit your occasional fancy needs while elevating your overall appearance to the next level.

Karen With Ripped Bangs


Want trendy yet simple women’s bangs haircuts? Look at the square with ripped bangs. Twist and spray curls to texturize. Torn bangs fit almost everyone. Medium-haired girls’ haircuts are popular.

Shoulder Length Cropped


Today’s most popular hairstyle is a shoulder-length bob because it’s long enough to style but short enough to manage. Cropped shoulder-length hair is perfect for low-maintenance girls who want style.

Neck-length Braids Haircut


We understand that this may take some time to complete, but isn’t it lovely and intricate? The hairstyle and haircut look is already popular among women worldwide. Even if you have a neck-length haircut, it looks great. You will enjoy it if you try it.

Short Neck Length Haircuts


As shorter hairstyles fade, shorter hairstyles return. Short hair can make a statement with a long layered neck-length haircut. Layers on a neck-length haircut lengthen the jawline and draw attention downward without bulking up the face or chin. Ask your stylist about layering haircuts for this look.

Bob With Caramel Highlights


Above-the-shoulder hair is lighter by nature and thus holds more volume and height. Layers will naturally fall over the teased areas, creating a seamless appearance.

A Wavy Bob With a Side Part


If you prefer a more relaxed look, go for a casual layered bob with a side part. Smooth waves in a medium-length hairstyle will soften the face’s and chin’s sharp corners, making the oval appear less bulky and massive.

Thick Layers With Dark Roots


Choose a high-contrast palette if you want to make a statement. The stark contrast between the deep roots and platinum ends of this medium bob haircut adds a lot of life to the style. The fullness of the look adds to its desirable allure.

Neck Length Haircuts for Thick Hair


For thicker, fuller hair, try a “thick” hairstyle. This style suits thin hair. This hairstyle is versatile. Layering is popular. Make front-side bangs. Short, thick, layered hair adds volume and style. This haircut is a quick fix for thinning hair that adds volume long-term!

Front-layered Neck-length Lob


This lobe has straight sides and angular sides. As mentioned, women with medium-thick hair need textured ends. This helps style and finish.

Medium-length Wavy Balayage Blonde


Black highlights make this medium hairstyle unique. Balayage is best for blondes who want to add a contrasting color. The relaxed, effortless style adds volume.

What’s the Best Neck Length for Your Haircut, Based on Your Preference?

The best neck length for a haircut ultimately depends on your preference and style goals. Here are a few popular options to consider:

(1) Short Neck Length

This style involves cutting the hair to rest just above or at the base of your neck. It can create a clean and polished look, especially for individuals with shorter hair or who prefer a low-maintenance style.

(2) Medium Neck Length

This length typically falls between the base of the neck and the collarbone. It offers versatility, as you can still tie your hair up or leave it down. It suits a variety of hair textures and face shapes and can be an excellent choice if you’re looking for a balance between short and long hair.

(3) Long Neck Length

Longer hair often reaches past the collarbone or down the back. This style can be feminine or boho and offers many styling options. Longer hair allows for exquisite ponytails, sophisticated braids, and elaborate updos. This length lets you experiment with hairstyles. This length allows ponytails, braids, and updos.

Remember, these suggestions are general guidelines, and you should choose a neck length that aligns with your style, face shape, hair texture, and maintenance preferences. It’s always a good idea to consult a professional hairstylist who can provide personalized advice based on your specific characteristics.

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