My goal is to help you look like the very best version of yourself. Each and every day it’s very tricky, it’s very hard to do we’re busy we don’t have time to deal. But my goal
is always to help you with your style. To help you really become a more polished stylish version of yourself. These tips are a bit more advanced in the style Department. They’re still very simple and very easy to execute but I do think that they’re a bit more advanced.

Show Skin Up Top

The first tip to look slimmer is to show some skin up top. V-necklines are definitely very flattering and elongating for your upper body. Well, you could take it a step further and do something more like a portrait neckline or an off the shoulder or one-shoulder top. Here’s an example of a before and after with a crewneck tee, a portrait neckline fitted tee. The portrait neckline in this look is by Express it’s very affordable and it’s very sexy. But it also has this like a regal classic elegant look to it. What I love about the portrait neckline is that it creates this wide V at the top. If you are like me and your shape tends to be more rectangular and that means you don’t have a really defined waist.

This is a great way to create that more curvy hourglass shape. It’s like an illusion without having to do anything so the V does that work for you. Because it makes the shoulders look broader. If you have broad shoulders you might want to steer clear of the portrait neckline. Because that will really accentuate your broad shoulders. Instead, I would go with something like an open shoulder top so you’re still showing skin up top. But it will exaggerate or exacerbate the effect of the wider broader shoulders showing a little skin up top. It definitely makes you look slimmer when you see it compared with the crewneck tee. It does definitely make my whole body look longer and slimmer. It’s definitely a sexier look it’s definitely more of a date night appropriate look. But if for sure it makes you look slimmer and longer and taller.

Volume Proportion

The next tip to help you look slimmer is the volume proportion. What do I mean by that if you are wearing something that’s really oversized like billowy blouses or wide-leg oversized? You no leg pants you don’t want to put those two pieces that are both oversized. They’re both voluminous together that will make you look bigger all over. If instead you take your one oversized or bigger piece and you contrast that with something that’s more fitted or body skinny then you’ll look a lot slimmer longer taller. So here you can see on one side I’ve got this oversized billowing blouse paired with a cropped wide-leg trousers.

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What you want to do is swap out your blouse for something more fitted to create that volume proportion. I just paired it with a much more fitted white top and it looks totally different. Even if I wanted to tuck in that billowing blouse. It’s so much fabric that it will still look kind of oversized and not quite right on the top. So you do want to go with something that’s more fitted on the other side of that. If you did like let’s say want to wear your really billowing blouse. You would just do something on your lower half that was a lot more fitted and streamlined like skinny jeans for example that’s a volume proportion.

Structured Jacket

The next tip is to wear a jacket, a blazer. A jacket with structure works miracles when it comes to making you look thinner. So not only will it slim hips, thigh muffin, top area, tummy area. It will also create some structure and shape which makes you look thinner. You can see here the contrast between a more structured jacket.

Belt Your Blazer

The next step to help you look slimmer and definitely define your waist is to belt. When you just simply add a belt around your blazer it does a couple of things. It makes you look slimmer it creates more of that hourglass shape. And it also creates the illusion of a tinier waist. If you don’t have one like me or it accentuates a tiny waist, it’s really a great little trick. That you can use to make it look like your body is slimmer. To make it looks like your waist is smaller and tinier than it really. Just remember that one keeps that one in the back of your mind but belt your blazer. That’s a great one for work, by the way, it is so like just to mix things up to just to throw on a really cool belt over your blazer.

Wear A Duster

The next tip is to wear a duster and there are all sorts of versions of dusters. So their duster cardigans their duster vests. There like maxi dresses that you could wear as a duster. So the Duster layer will do a couple of different things. It’s gonna do kind of what that third layer jacket does which is slim hips butt thighs and tummy area. But also the length of the Duster is going to make you look longer, taller, slimmer not to mention add drama. As you guys know my saying about drama with my clothes I like a drama with my clothes, not with my life.

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I love a duster because it adds drama when you move it flows and blows and the breeze. And it’s just so elegantly beautiful and sophisticated but also does wonders in terms of making you look longer and taller. As a reminder, I’m 5-4 so when I put a duster on I feel like I look like five-seven five-eight. Don’t be afraid to try something different and unique like a duster. It’s not only a really cool style statement it also will definitely make you look longer tolerant summer.

Wear Solid Denim

I want to dive into the Jean topic and the Jean category a bit further. And just explain to you that solid dark wash denim with no fading or whiskering is going to make you look slimmer longer taller. Then the version of those jeans that could be a still dark wash. But maybe have faded in the front of the legs maybe have whiskering at the top. That’s where the fading kind of looks like cat’s whiskers. It might have faded at the ankles it may have faded in the butt. Any fading spots or faded spots on your denim will not be as along gating and slimming. As that true dark wash midnight blue pair of jeans doesn’t have to be skinny jeans. By the way, I know a lot of you do not like skinny jeans.

It could be a straight-leg Jean it could be a flared leg Jean the fit. If you want to take it another step further I would go with a high-waisted pair of jeans. That then makes it look like your legs are longer than they actually are. You’re extending the length of the leg in that same vein. You may not want to do cropped jeans because cropped jeans do cut you off to look as long and tall as possible. The highrise dark wash, no fading, no whiskering, no contrasting stitching, no embellishment just a very crisp clean classic. You know full-length jeans is the definite way to go.

Skin Colored Shoes

The next step to help you look slimmer is to wear skin-colored shoes. This is a very basic tip but definitely one of those that’s worth repeating anytime. You wear a pair of shoes with a dress that matches your skin. The shoe will blend in with your skin tone and it will make your legs look longer. When you wear a darker color like let’s say here you see me in black pumps that are definitely going to cut off the leg a bit more. I love black pumps I wear them all the time but when you want to create the longest line possible. Wear a pair of heels that are the same color as your skin tone and your legs will look so much longer. By the way skin, colored shoes have the added bonus of being some of the most neutral and versatile shoes in your closet. So you can wear them with just about anything which is really really nice.

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Show Off Shape

The next tip is to show your shape. So many of us wanna hide behind a big old muumuu. That is not gonna make you look smaller. You want to wear something that’s body-skimming or body fitted to really show off what mama gave you. You know it means to show off your shape. If there are a lot of things going on it you’re not feeling comfortable about or secure about then you want to go and default to a body-skimming option. Body-skimming means it’s still going to give you shape. But instead of being really fitted to the body. It’s going to more drape and flow over your curves and that’s more forgiving.

Try One Size Big

If you’re buying white jeans or white pants I would size up one size. Why jeans are tricky to where they can be a lot less forgiving. And they are a lot less forgiving than a dark wash pair I always size up. I usually vacillate between two Jean sizes and so I’ll just buy the higher of those two sizes. And sometimes I even size up another size. The same thing is true with shorts you don’t want to wear a pair of shorts that are really fitted to the leg. It’s gonna make your legs look bigger. You want to wear shorts that give your legs a little breathing room and your legs will look smaller. So just thinking about sizing up with white denim and also denim shorts.

The other thing I want to mention is fabric choice. Because fabric choice definitely has an impact on how slim long and tall you look. Heavier fabrics more textured fabrics will make you look larger. Whereas structured fabrics with less texture will make you look slimmer. For example maybe cotton denim, silk, wool jersey, cashmere. Those are all fabrics that you want to gravitate toward if you want to look slimmer. In contrast what you want to avoid if you want to look slimmer are brocade, taffeta, boucle, fringe flannel and also in some cases leather. So anything with like a heavy texture it’s gonna adds volume wherever you put it versus these more structured and natural fabrics.