Today we’re looking at the 10 best cameras in the world you can buy right now. There have been paintings for centuries and people have always loved to look upon still art. Then came photography and another world emerged. What’s more, cameras can bridge the myriad of worlds from family photographs to amateur landscapes to a fine art. They are truly a modern miracle as technology advances. We now even have infrared cameras available to the public, not just the military. The most advanced modern digital camera is digital SLR. Which stands for single-lens reflex based on the manual camera with f-stops and aperture settings.

If ancient painters own cameras there’s no telling what compositions they would produce. So with cameras being a luxury and these cameras being the most luxurious among them. Let’s take a look at the top 10 most expensive cameras sold across the world.

Nikon D5 DSLR By Nikon – $ 10,879.66

Nikon d5 DSLR by Nikon sold for ten thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine dollars and sixty-six cents. While these cameras at the low end of the list. It’s nothing to sneeze about it’s the honorary mention of our list and is equipped with a USB port and a 3.2-inch viewing screen of the medium formats. This is the only Nikon camera on the list of a reputable 35-millimeter camera company. It chimes in with twenty point eight megapixels as its viewing resolution.

It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a significant battery life. What stands out about this unit is its broad ISO rating ranging from one hundred to one hundred two thousand four hundred ISO. The combination of sensor size and resolution results in flexibility. Only available in medium format cameras. This dynamic camera can produce picture quality desired in the professional arena.

Mamiya Leaf Credo Medium Format Digital SLR By Mamiya – $12,950

Mamiya leaf credo medium format digital SLR by Mamiya sold for 12,900 and $50. The Mamiya leaf credo is a little different from other digital SLRs in that. In appearance, it harkens back to the box cameras of the 1920s and 30s but makes no mistake. It’s a fully modern digital camera. Mamiya offers 40 megapixels 60 megapixels and 80-megapixel models. And there’s a range of lenses available for their models to enhance zoom focusing and wide-angle shots. Needless to say, the megapixel ranges are exceptional compared to one cell phone which now approaches 14 megapixels. This camera boasts an ISO range of 3200 offerings stunning lighting. There is also tethered shooting available through USB 3.0.

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T420 Thermal Imaging Infrared By Extech – $ 14,845

T420 Thermal Imaging sold for 14800 and $46. Infrared cameras are just emerging in the commercial marketplace compared to digital SLRs. But are considered a hot commodity. They’re among the cameras to jour considered for night photographs, private detectives and general snooping. Their previously military technology and are not suitable for your average family photograph. But certainly adds an edge t one’s quality of life and exploration of modern technology. The 420 by ex-tech includes an onboard visual camera touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity more on this later. MSX an image enhancement to lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. FLIR Tools software and Sun shield among many other amenities.

Leica 10803 S (Type 006) MP Digital SLR By Leica – $ 16,995

Leica 10803 s type 006 MP digital SLR by Leica sold for $16,995. The Leica 10 803 is an outstanding camera in its field. It’s equipped with a 37 point 5-megapixel shot. Perfect for enlarging pictures was the setting for picture enlargement onboard. The software the body of the camera is ergonomic and design and meant to accommodate. The camera is held for long periods. Leica is a 5 button control panel constructed to function somewhat like a joystick. It has a 3-inch liquid crystal display viewing screen and a rapid fast battery charger. The CCD low noise image sensor works in conjunction with the cameras. Other features to boost image quality and overall performance. This camera is a great hand wonderful investment.

Phase One XF Digital SLR # 183 By Phase One – $ 18,054

Phase 1 XF digital SLR number 183 by phase one sold for eighteen thousand fifty-four dollars. The phase one XF is a great camera. It’s available in a one-pixel configuration of 100 megapixels, exceptional in quality. It is among cameras a great camera for detailed shots. This model includes 16-bit raw image capture along with a removable digital back and viewfinder in camera. Bubble level a focus stacking and seismograph. The beauty and detail of 100 megapixel shots more than makeup for it like phase 1. Canon also made its way onto the market.

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Leica S Digital SLR (007) By Leica – $ 19,995

Leica s digital SLR 0:07 by Leica sold for $19,995 moving into the top tier of cameras. The Leica s double O 7 provides exceptional quality. Among its features are a 37 point 5-megapixel rating and ISO settings from 200 to 6400. Which allows for bright lighting and subtle adjustments for lighting levels. The Leica s among its various features includes live view, autofocus, higher speed and improved handling it too is a handgrip camera and designed for better ergonomics fitting. Neatly into the hand for prolonged shooting. From the most essential shooting controls. It’s not for the faint of heart as the controls are manual. This camera developed for the photographer who knows exactly what they’re doing and wants total control of the image quality.

T 440 – Thermal Imaging Infrared By Extech – $ 20,275

T 440 thermal imaging infrared by ex-tech sold for twenty thousand two hundred and seventy-five dollars. This camera is a sibling to the previous extract infrared camera described in number nine. Its advantage is it has a 320 by the 240-pixel range and eight times continuous shooting. It’s the master camera of infrared cameras on the commercial market. Today it has many of the features of the other Extech including onboard visual camera, touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity and additionally interchangeable lenses. This is the Porsche of infrared cameras.

Hasselblad H3D-39II, Digital SLR Medium Format By Hasswlblad – $20,995

Hasselblad h3d 39II digital SLR medium format. It is sold for twenty thousand nine hundred and ninety-five dollars for this camera. It’s back to the box cameras but this time with an added hand grip. What’s exceptional about this camera is its integration with three different megapixel captures 22, 31 and 39.

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On top of that, it also has a proprietary Hasselblad natural color solution for better color and integrated CCD cooling. This sync is to keep the noise as low as possible this is by almost any measure a very sleek camera. It falls into the fourth generation of Hasselblad h series. And the company has had time to refine and better the series. This is a professional photographer’s favorite Christmas gift.

Hasselblad H6D – 100C Medium Format DSLR By Hasselblad – $ 22,635

Hasselblad H6D 100 c medium format DSLR by Hasselblad sold for twenty-two thousand six hundred and thirty-five dollars. Getting into the top two of the most expensive cameras.  Some of these features were unimaginable. Just twenty years ago enter the Hasselblad h-60 the latest generation in their h series. The body is gray and black a little different from its competitors. But the gray adds to the camera’s visibility in lower light situations. It chimes in with a whopping 100 megapixels need. I remind you the average cell phone tops out at 12 megapixels. Can you imagine the image quality on this baby?

It’s ISO setting ranges up to twelve thousand eight hundred which is more than sufficient for any lighting situation. The nuances available in these cameras lighting are endless. The photosensor size is fifty-three point four by forty millimeters. I think it’s safe to say this camera is truly a jewel of a photography investment.

T620 – Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera By Extech – $ 38,097

T620 ThermalImaging Infrared camera by ex-tech sold for thirty-eight thousand ninety-seven dollars and twenty-eight cents. Here we have another sibling to the ex-tech cameras. Why because there are professionals who buy from the retail market. And you should definitely know about it. This camera weighs in with a 480 by 360 resolution. It’s an advancement in infrared. This one comes to Wi-Fi capable of streaming video and speedy sharing. It also includes a 4.3-inch built-in touch screen and has all the features needed for a camera. Leaving its field handle users.