Hope you all are doing well as a lot of you should know I really like sharing wallpaper apps here. As I’m sure you’ve seen they’ve all been applications for Android so now it is time to show IOS some love. If you’re looking for a way to freshen up your home screen. We will be taking a look at five different applications.


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So first up we’ve got clarity. To start off this app has a great selection of crisp high-quality. Walls ranging from nature, landscape and minimal to city, abstract, cars and more. I found some great ones in here for sure. But not only that this app takes things a step further with the ability to edit and create your own wallpapers. With their set of tools you can add text there’s a blur feature. There are tons of different gradients you can mess around with. You can frame walls and you can mask walls as well.

There’s even this wallpaper or camera function where you can snap a photo for it to become your wallpaper. But what’s cool about this is that it gives you a little preview of what it’ll look like. Before you actually take the picture and this function is spread throughout the app which I think is a great feature. Being able to preview the wallpaper before you set it is always welcome. The app itself is free but there are in-app purchases to access advanced editing tools as well as access to even more wallpapers through a subscription service. This is easily one of the best wallpaper apps I’ve tried on iOS.

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Next up is a favorite for many and this one is vellum. This is the wallpaper app that I would go with if I had to choose just one to use on my iPhone. Up at the top is where you’ll find a new single wallpaper on a daily basis and below that you’ve got a bunch of different wallpaper packs. There is great stuff in here. There’s a pack of dedicated to walls for OLED displays, there’s a pact with hand-picked walls from unsplash. There’s a pack dedicated to Google Earth-type shots and so much more kind of like.

The first app this one allows you to blur a selected wallpaper. You can adjust the strength of that blur effect. If you like and you can preview the wallpaper on your home or lock screen before saving it to your photos. This is where I found a lot my favorite wallpapers for the iPhone and I’m sure you guys will find new favorites here too. Vellum is a must-have I highly recommend it. I’ve been using it since it debuted a couple of years ago and I also recommend you support the devs and go for vellum Premium. This will give you access to an ad-free experience and you’ll get access to the daily archive collection.


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The third app on hand is Atlas. This app lets you create wallpapers using maps. We’ve seen applications like this on Android so I’m glad IOS has one too now. You start off by searching for pretty much any location in the world and from here you can pinch to zoom. And you can scroll around to pinpoint exactly where you want to set it up. You can save the wallpaper straight away or you can toss a new coat of paint on it.

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If you’d like you can choose from a large number of presets or you can create your own. The color combination a $2 in-app purchase will give you access to 3d maps and the ability to save wallpapers for the Apple watch and desktop size displays. It’s a great app overall and it’s a nice alternative to normal everyday wallpapers.


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Second to last we’ve got a frame. This year is an unsplash client now if you’re unfamiliar with unsplash it’s a huge community dedicated to great-looking and high-quality photography. You can use any of those images, you find there for any project. You may be working on which is awesome but of course, the images also make a fantastic device wallpaper. The app itself is super simple and clean.

As of now, I feel it’s the best way to browse unsplash on the iPhone. Now it will run you $0.99 however so if you’re not looking to pay that you can always go for the actual unsplash app which is 100% free. It’s every bit as clean as a frame. I just find a frame to be easier to use for browsing wallpapers and wallpaper categories but the good thing is you can’t go wrong either way.


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So last but not least we have yeah I’m just gonna pronounce that wallpaper. This one’s the oldest application on the list but it’s the perfect app for those that are looking for specifically Google Earth-style wallpapers. So for starters, you’ll get access to this collection of what they’re calling originals as of now. The collection stands at 96. Wallpapers each one displays its location and when you select the full view. You can get even more information on that wallpaper. It’s pretty neat if you actually want to learn something about the wallpaper.

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You can blur a wallpaper if you’d like you can favorite it to better keep track of it. You can preview it on your lock in-home screens and you can download it in two different sizes. Now the app also has a handful of different collections and you can purchase them individually for 99 cents. You can buy them all current and future collections for 4 bucks.

The app itself is well made with a unique yet simple layout. The wallpapers are high quality and overall it gets a huge thumbs up from me. So there you have it guys those are some of the best wallpaper applications that you can get for the iPhone.