Warsaw is the largest city and the capital of Poland. There are many places to visit in this city. Today we are showcasing the 10 best places which give you the reason to visit Warsaw at Least Once in Your Lifetime.

10. Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier


What better way to experience World War 2 history than to visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier located in Pilsudski Square. This monument commemorates the loss and suffering caused by the various wars that occurred during Poland’s history. Poland was ground zero for many European battles. This memorial honors the lost lives of vast numbers of soldiers who fought for Poland’s freedom. Contained within this tomb are the ashes of a soldier from the battlefield of L’viv and an urn of soil from every battlefield. Where polish troops have fought since World War One.

9. Royal Castle


Europe has its fair share of great castles rich in history and Warsaw is emic Cholesky is no exception. This magnificent castle was built in the 15th century and was the home of the Polish monarchy. Unfortunately, the castle was looted and destroyed during the Nazi occupation of world war ii. But was reconstructed during the 1970s with international assistance. It now serves as a historical and national museum and is a protected UNESCO world heritage site. Welcoming thousands of visitors each year. This castle is definitely one of Warsaw’s most recognizable and must-see landmarks.

8. Copernicus Science Center


Warsaw isn’t only rich in history it’s also rich in science. The Copernicus Science Center is an interactive Science Museum that boasts over 400 exhibits. Where visitors do awesome experiments to explore the laws of science. With such exhibits as an earthquake simulator, a magic carpet, and science shows. There’s something exciting for everyone to enjoy one of the museum’s special features is a multimedia planetarium. Complete with an observation deck visitors can even enjoy a theatrical show performed entirely by futuristic humanoid robots a definite must-see for cure mine.

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7. Market Square


The heart of the city for centuries to enjoy dining at a fine restaurant sitting at a patio savoring. One of Poland’s world-famous beers or to simply meander around the square taking in some of Warsaw’s best street performers. One of the oldest and most beautiful places in the city. This exquisite area in the old town more in this area coming up is always worth an extended visit. While there be sure to check out the mermaid of Warsaw also named the Siddhanta. A statue cast made in 1855 that sits in the center of the square and is the venerated symbolic protector of the city.

6. Warsaw Uprising Monument


The Warsaw Uprising monument located on the southern side of question ski square. This bronze statue is a memorial to one of the most devastating events in Poland’s history. Again back in World War two when the Polish underground resistance tried to drive the Germans out of Warsaw but was ultimately unsuccessful. The monument depicts insurgents actively engaged in combat. As well as soldiers and civilians descending into a manhole. A reference to the over 5000 resistance fighters evacuated throughout the sewer system to escape the Germans. This is one of Warsaw’s most important monuments and a  must-see for those wanting to know more about the city’s history.

5. Wilanow Palace


Wilanow palace built in the 17th-century. Palace is one of Poland’s most beautiful baroque attractions. Visitors can wander the grounds and enjoy sculptures and fountains that fill the two-level garden that frames the palace. On the main floor of the palace, visitors can see the various rooms. Where royalty would hold parties, listen to music or simply rested. On the first floor, visitors can wander the gallery of the polish portrait full of artistic depictions of Polish, monarchs, magnate families, influential artists, and important figures. In Poland’s uprisings or you know pretend you’re a Disney princess.

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4. Royal Route


The Royal Route is a series of streets that connect several important historical and cultural landmarks Umschlagplatz. This route guides visitors to see many of the amazing landmarks. Warsaw has to offer the route passes Saint Anne’s Church one of the city’s oldest buildings. With a great view from the church tower during. Further down the route tourists can see the presidential palace one of the few buildings to survive. The Warsaw Uprising and the current home of the President of Poland. The Royal route ends at hobbies Fiat Street a popular pedestrian-only thoroughfare with plenty of luxurious shops, restaurants, and cafes to enjoy in the center of the city.

3. Palace Of Culture And Science


The Palace of Culture and science one of Warsaw’s most recognizable buildings can be seen from just about anywhere in the city completed in the Soviet era in 1955. This landmark stands at a whopping 778 feet making it Poland’s tallest building. Inside this enormous building, visitors can find a variety of entertainment including museums, book shops, and a 3,000 person auditorium. The 30th floor also boasts a large Terrace where tourists can get a wonderful panoramic view of the city. In the summer the palace hosts a variety of concerts and theater performances. While in the winter visitors can enjoy skating on the free ice rink no matter what time of year. There’s always something fun to do with this cultural hub.

2. Royal Baths Park


Royal baths park what used to be a wild forest is now one of the most beautiful parks in Europe. Stretching over 70 hectares of the city center. Lasienki Krolewskie Park was designed with a bathing pavilion for noblemen in modern history. Of course, it is transformed into a world-class urban park destination. Including such stunning buildings as the palace on the Isle, the old Orangery museum and a classical amphitheater. The park is a major venue for the Arts. In summer visitors can enjoy free classical piano concerts next to the monument of famed polish composer Frederic Chopin a tradition for the last 50 years also peacocks.

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1. Old Town


This oldest part of Warsaw is a feast for the eyes and is the city’s most popular tourist destination located along the banks of the Vistula River. This quaint history Laden area contains a variety of medieval architecture such as the Barbican and the city’s fortress walls. Severely damaged during the invasion of Poland and the Warsaw Uprising during world war ii. The old town was meticulously rebuilt using as much brick and stonework as possible from the original structures.