20 Attractive And Adorable Short Wavy Hairstyles

20 Attractive And Adorable Short Wavy Hairstyles

Short curly haircuts are very difficult to pick up. It is undeniable that curly hair is just a dream for those who have it straight and torment for their owners.

Only the mistresses of short curly hair know how hard it is to give them the perfect shape style, and at the same time, emphasize all the advantages of your face. Curls are often naughty, and it isn’t easy to fix and style them. After a few hours, the curls can break out of the hairstyle, and it will lose the shape that you gave it. Therefore, it is necessary to be creative in choosing a haircut for short curly hair.

For a short curly haircut, you need a hairstyle that does not require complex styling. Perhaps the most suitable choice would be short curly haircuts, which use the graduation of thinning of the strands. Also, with such haircuts, you should not use a razor, but it is better to resort to the modern technology of hot scissors, as this technology helps preserve the hair’s natural moisture by soldering each hair.

If you have rather wide cheekbones, then a haircut with flowing curls on the cheekbones will suit you. It will visually soften the oval of your face. A round face does not need to choose a hairstyle with hair length to the chin.

Curls are also very important when choosing a short curly hairstyle. For small curls, for example, a hairstyle with a short nape and long strands in the front part may be suitable, and for slightly wavy hair, you can choose a hairstyle in the form of a ladder with short and thick bangs. Short curly haircuts that imply a feathery contour look very good. They always look stylish and make you more visible. If you have soft wavy hair, a bob haircut will suit you. Today, the bob hairstyle is quite fashionable and is suitable for girls and women of any age. Even this season, very fashionable multi-level short curly haircuts, but you don’t need to cut your hair very short. The optimal length will be up to the chin.


Bob is a great option for those who want to cut their hair short, but not “like a boy”. Strands elongated in front make the hairstyle more feminine and romantic. The haircut gives thin hair volume and splendour.


This haircut has become especially popular over the past few years. A stylish, fashionable, comfortable short hairstyle can solve the problem of unruly hair and make life much easier for girls who have absolutely no time for complex daily hair procedures.


A multi-step haircut is always ideal for hair with a curly structure. In such a hairstyle, the curls lie beautifully and neatly. Often, girls with such a haircut do not even have to make any effort for styling.


To face for all ages. Very bold and open. There is the volume at the crown, the bangs are long, the ears are open, and the back of the head is cut short. Good for big curls.

Afro style

The hairs are cut short all over the head, and a fluffy hat of curls is left on top. Very airy and voluminous hair is obtained. Looks very nice in the photo.

Torn ends

Gives the appearance of an elegant and daring look. Visually reduces the head, so you should not do it to the owners of magnificent forms.

Long bob

An elongated bob, or, as it is also called, a long bob, is a trendy haircut that looks extremely impressive in combination with curls and does not require detailed styling.

Short bean

A short bob is suitable for owners of slightly curly, thin hair. This hairstyle will not look like large organic curls or tight springs. It is worth noting that a short bob is suitable for ladies with a triangular or oval face. Such a haircut will give the face a certain sophistication and noble chic.

Creative mess

Short haircuts are never boring. You can easily turn an ordinary look into a festive one using accessories. Dry your hair with a blow dryer and style your hair to the side.

Graduated bob

Wavy platinum blonde hair looks very voluminous. The haircut is cut like a classic bob, but the top strands are cut shorter, which gives the hairstyle a nice roundness.

Asymmetrical bob

This haircut is best for ladies with a round or square, oval face. The asymmetry of the hairstyle will stretch and correct the face. An asymmetrical bob haircut can competently hide the cons and emphasize the advantages.

Pixie with bangs

A short pixie haircut is still at the peak of popularity among professional hairdressers. Moreover, stylists recommend an option with an elongated bang for curly hair – it favourably emphasizes the cheekbones and gives the image playfulness.

Pixie combed back

It looks very sensual with short, slicked-back hair. A stylish image is easy to copy. Apply mousse to damp hair and dry with a hairdryer, directing the airflow from the face to the back of the head. Straighten the curls with your fingers and fix with a light hold varnish.

Kare for wavy hair

I must say that it is not easy to achieve the desired shape of a caret on wavy hair. But if you are the owner of large thick wave, a good master can achieve a stunning and cutting-edge result.

Sparse curly hair

Girls or women with straight hair are jealous of naturally curly hair. Most of the fairer sex has sparse hair, so it causes a lot of torment. The main task is to choose the right haircut and appropriate styling. Then wavy and thin curls will look stylish, neat and elegant.

Asymmetric oblique bangs

It can complement a haircut for curly hair well. It can visually correct the face, especially round or asymmetrical. Bob and bob haircuts are well complemented.

Cascade on short curly hair

This haircut is suitable for owners of naughty wavy curls. On short hair, the cascade looks at ease, interesting and stylish. Toning strands will give a special zest to a short cascade of curly hair.

Short haircut with torn ends

A short pixie cut that gives the actress a feminine and soft touch. Wavy hair is a great asset to this haircut, as it gives the necessary “bumpiness”. Pay attention to the details: side parting, side bangs and torn ends are ideal for the owner of a round or square face shape.

Tiered bob for short wavy hair

It looks soft and childishly innocent with angelic short curls. The layered haircut has a round silhouette, and wavy strands add romance to the look. It is very important not to cut your bangs too short – curly hair tends to bounce, and too short bangs, in this case, will look ridiculous.

Combination of straight hair with waves

A playful wavy bob that is impossible to ignore. Modern trends in hairstyles suggest a combination of textures – straight and curly at the same time. Twist your hair, stepping back a few centimetres from the roots.

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