20 Cute Short Bob Haircuts For Women

20 Cute Short Bob Haircuts For Women

Bob haircut for short hair is easy to perform and is considered genuinely versatile. It is a great way to emphasize advantageous features and hide all flaws. Thanks to this hairstyle, you can completely drag the focus from the face to the hair. Fashionable women’s haircut is suitable for all hair types and has a wide variety.

Bob significantly increases the volume, suitable for hair with any structure. Many famous girls and women prefer this design of short hair. It is pretty easy to find the right haircut for any style. A layered haircut is done so that the strands look neat and styled even after growing back.

Millions of progressive women. Today, the bob is one of the most popular haircuts for short hair.

Bob is suitable for any hair type and is universal for all age categories. The haircut got its name, not by chance. Distinctive features of this haircut are strands elongated at the temples, a short nape, and volume in the crown area. Thus, the hairstyle becomes like a bob, for which it got its name.

At the same time, a bold and feminine look that does not go out of fashion will give a bob haircut for short hair. The model has different variations, which makes the hairstyle universal. A short bob is chosen by young girls and mature ladies with varying structures of hair, creating images like from the picture. The popularity of the option is supported by the stars, invariably choosing a bright haircut to create their unique style.


Probably the most popular bob haircut this season. It is a mixture of an even bob cut with torn bob strands.

Layered bob

One of the best options for women of any age is a layered short bob. Moreover, it will be at the peak of its popularity.

Classic bob

Classical short bob along the bottom cut goes along the lower jawline or above, and the tips fit inside.

Cropped bob

Bob on short hair is a classic of the genre. It suits young beauties and mature ladies and makes the image dynamic and stylish.

Tousled bob

In this design, the strands on the head are cut in steps, creating the impression of a slight mess. Such a bob is easy to style. Just dry your head take a little mousse for styling.

Graduated bob

A graduated bob is a layered haircut. It is suitable for thin hair, as it increases volume. This haircut is often recommended for ladies with a square face shape.

Asymmetrical bob

A short asymmetrical bob is a fashionable and daring haircut for stylish, self-confident women. A haircut is often done with oblique elongated bangs combed to one side.

Brunettes with bob

Brunettes are statistically more likely to prefer a classic bob to a bob. It is logical – dark hair visually loses to the blond in volume.

Blondes with bob

Blondes choose bob and win! Negligence, torn strands, and layering are only welcome.

Shaggy with bob

In general, there are so many women’s haircuts today and their execution variations. These are torn and graduated, with and without styling, with and without bangs, multi-level, and others, that it is time to get confused.

Torn ends with bob

This option is most suitable for ladies with thin, naughty hair. This hairstyle does not require special care, quickly brought to excellent condition.

Grunge style with bob

The grunge style provides for a specially created mess. It looks either in the form of messy curls or a pile on the back of the head.

Long bangs with bob

Do not forget: a long bang goes to the eyebrow line, and a very long one has the right to go down to the chin or even lower.

Short bangs with bob

Youth types of bob-car for short hair with short (3-5 cm) bangs suggest bringing to the fore all the features of the face. Bold, stylish, not for everyone.

Straight bangs with bob

A cropped bob haircut with straight bangs looks like a helmet. Requires large eyes and neat facial features to boot. 

Bob with curly hair

As already mentioned, the bob haircut looks just great on curly and wavy hair.

Bob with oblique bangs

I want to highlight a particular place in our article for a bob haircut with oblique bangs.

Short choppy wavy bob

It looks like a new upgraded version of the classic bob. In this style, long hair is on top with short, pointed sides.

With long strands

Women of fashion look feminine and sexy with such an expressive and daring haircut. She combines two different hairstyles.

With shaved temple

At first glance, a bob on short hair with a shaved temple may mean that its owner belongs to one subculture. However, this only indicates that the girl wants to look spectacular extraordinary.

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