20 Latest Bob Hairstyles for Black Women: Trend

20 Latest Bob Hairstyles for Black Women: Trend

Bob hairstyles promise to make the black feminine classic, sophisticated and stunning in every way. While opting for a specific type, one can naturally curly or sleek bob styles. Bob is a classic hairstyle that suits both girls and women. This style is low maintenance and not very short so that you can style your hair in many different ways without much effort. You can also accessorize this hairstyle.

There are many unique bob styles for African American women; make sure you choose the one that suits the shape of your face. Brunettes are natural burning beauties, and they are rightfully considered girls with grand ambitions and strong-willed character.

It is worth noting that there are universal hairstyles that look perfect on a particular tone. The black color of the hair is wonderfully combined with a short haircut, which is beneficial for those who do not like to fiddle with long curls for a long time and style them every morning. The right choice will significantly simplify life and always look attractive.

The back of the hair shape should highlight the finished shape of the hairstyle. But often, the question arises about maintaining at least a small hair length.

Shoulder-length haircuts are recommended here. In this version, the bob hairstyle is perfect. The basic principle of its implementation is selecting the length, distribution of partings, and styling.


A hairstyle that has become famous many centuries ago is popular today. For the first time, the caret began to be worn during the time of Cleopatra, and not only women but also men, rich and poor people.


It is a good idea if you have thin hair or want a trendy pixie hairstyle. First, the stylist will give you basic haircuts. Then, at this base haircut, you will cut the hair into layers for a choppy effect.


Usually, the square appears before us straight, even, and neat. But there are options for owners of curly hair. With this type of hair, the caret turns out to be pronounced voluminous.


You can also diversify a simple square with lengthening if you want something unusual. Of course, you will have to spend a little more time, but you can’t afford such styling every day.

Long bob

If a short haircut is not your thing, there are several options for a bob cut for medium-length hair.


The cascade effect is achieved through the use of thinning scissors. This method of haircut gives volume to the hairstyle.


The haircut with strands below the chin level will hide wide cheekbones, and a short haircut without bangs will suit girls with an oval and round face.

Curly hair

A bob haircut is also suitable for curly hair, while the curls should not be too small or, conversely, large. It is best to choose medium-sized curls or soft waves.

Blunt bob

It is a classic bob hairstyle that suits women of all ages. It also gives a professional look. So if you are thinking about a hairstyle for your workplace, consider this style.

Straight bob

Behind the back of the head, the hair is shorter, sometimes of a minimum length. Equally cut strands frame the front of the face.

Ripped bob

Unlike other options, this haircut looks mischievous and careless. Different long strands are obtained after processing with thinning scissors.

Classic bob

The classic bob is the most popular variation. To not confuse a classic bean with a square, you need to remember: in the case of a bean, the hair on the back of the head has an even cut.

Layered bob

Layered Bob, this hairstyle helps maintain curly hair. You can use layering to reduce the volume of a curly mane, thus making your hair more manageable.

Inverted bob

It is the most popular bob hairstyle today. This style is the opposite of the standard bob. In general ‘y’ Bob, most women keep their back hair longer and cut it on the sides shorter.

Romantic Bob

They are huge as these hairstyles allow women to wear their hair naturally. Cut your curly hair into an inverted bob to get this style.

Bob with bangs

With the help of a square, you can both emphasize the dignity of the face and hide the flaws if a bob with bangs refreshes the face and rejuvenates the woman, a long haircut.


It differs in that the strands falling on the face have different lengths. Sometimes contrast is achieved by completely removing the side hairs on one side of the head.


The best option for fine hair is layering. The peculiarity of the hairstyle is a voluminous crown with elongated strands near the face. They are cut in stages, layer by layer.

With shaved temple

The shaved side of the hair creates a bold and informal style. Looks best on dark hair. Suitable for girls with an oval face and high cheekbones.

Double caret with lengthening

The peculiarity of this type of haircut is the distribution of hair from different head areas into layers. At your discretion, the master can leave the hair at the back of the head.

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