60 Curtain Bangs Hairstyles To Try In 2023

Bangs can transform your appearance. Fashion creates fresh haircuts every season. Despite the long-standing confusion between classes, you don’t always have time to adjust to the hairdressing experts’ new trends. The client always gets the last word, and we all get to choose our hairstyles.

Bangs have long been popular. People cover flaws like a large forehead, an oval face, or a slender look with bangs. Bangs remain popular because of their versatility.

A great way to change your look is to get bangs. Short bangs draw attention to your eyes and brows. When your bangs are longer, your lips and cheekbones stand out more. Trends can have their times changed. We look at 2023’s most popular songs.


  1. The bangs-curtain helps the haircut look bigger.
  2. It looks well on girls with any hair.
  3. This style of bang can transform the shape of the face and disguise some defects.
  4. Any hairstyle can be tried on with bangs on both sides.

How to style

It does not require special skills to style.

  1. I need a blow dryer and a brush.
  2. After you wash your hair, pat the curls dry with a towel and then use a hair dryer to finish drying.
  3. Dry the whole length first, then move on to the face and forehead.

Dry from the face or bottom

  1. If you want the strands to fall apart on both sides and frame the oval, wrap them around the brush away from the faces. That is, make the bangs stand out, lift the hair, put the brushing on the back, and move the tape away from the beginning.
  2. If you want a straight line over your eyes and covers your forehead, put a brush under your hair and wrap a strand around it in the direction of your face.

Here Are Some of the Best Hairstyles for Creating Perfect Curtain Bangs:



The French bob is perfect for fine hair and the year’s hottest months. If we need volume, we can create subtle layers to add density.



Wolf Cut is trendy. This relaxed cut and fringe add volume and casual movement. In these cases, use a lightweight product.

Curly fringe


No more straightening! If you’ve tried a fringe, you’ve probably straightened your curls. Straight bangs aren’t necessary. Curling your bangs will highlight natural curls.



A pixie cut is said to suit women who embrace challenges. Perhaps. Short bangs require courage. Audrey Hepburn and Halle Berry wore pixie cuts. This short hairstyle features an irregular cut and a thick, asymmetrical fringe. Some women shave the sides or back, curl or straighten the edge.

Long bangs


Bangs’ length can dramatically change your appearance. The bangs are longer. It’s asymmetrical or straight-cut. Long bangs highlight cheekbones and align eyebrows.

Short bangs


Short bangs open the face and can look feminine and spectacular, depending on the style. Girls and women of all ages prefer traditional bangs to the eyebrow line.

Straight bangs


Thick dark hair with straight bangs contrasts and shortens the face. This bang will help shorten features.

Elongated bangs


Trending. Popular eyebrow-length strands. She’s perfect. If it interferes, it can be made invisible or removed. It conceals torn ends and side elongation.

Asymmetrical bangs


Fine hair needs volume for a fringe. A feathered or shaded edge shows volume isn’t everything. This style has strategic bangs. Feathered strands cover the forehead. This cuts thin hair. Thick hair isn’t as soft.

Curtain rarely bangs


Asians with short haircuts or cascades wear the rarest bangs. Korean.

Side parting bangs


Side partings are best for round or full-faced women. Choose short, graduated locks in this case.

Classic bangs


This common type of bang has cuts on both sides of the head that are the same length. Even if you have great, dry hair, this type will have a different hair texture.

Twisted bangs


The classics are the inspiration for this kind of fringe. Here, all you need is a hair dryer and a comb to twist the ends of the bangs from the inside. For these changes, you can use brushing, which will be very easy and take less time to make a stylish look.

Uneven curtain bangs


Masters can make bangs that are different lengths here. This means that it will be shorter for you on the one hand and longer on the other. The curtains’ uneven ends are suitable for young girls constantly moving around.

Curly fringe bangs


No longer do you need to straighten your hair. You’ve probably straightened your curls often, especially if you’ve tried a fringe. But the bangs don’t have to be perfectly straight. If you have curls that come naturally, you can show them off by curling your bangs.

Shaded bangs


Fine hair needs volume, especially if a fringe is desired. But feathered or shaded edge proves volume isn’t everything. This style has bangs made of a few strategically placed hairs. Frayed strands cover the forehead like feathers. This style suits thin hair. Your hair wouldn’t be so soft if it were thick.

Layered mullet with bangs


The invisible layered mullet is another bangs haircut option for fine hair. They give hair movement and importance.

Wavy hair with curtain bangs


The curtain fringe looks great with wavy hair, but you can also wear it with curly hair. With these hairstyles, her boho-chic style looks great.

Open and collected bangs


A low updo is another style that looks great with open bangs. The fringe makes it look less severe and more casual.

Ponytail with curtain bangs


The open bangs look great with a ponytail, the most effortless hairstyle you can wear daily or for a special event.

High bun with curtain bangs


You can even wear a high bun with open bangs. It’s a riskier way to style your hair, but it’s great if you want to stand out. A few loose strands on the sides of her head finish off the look.

Curtain bangs with high updo


This hairstyle is also very eye-catching. A black velvet headband and a casual high updo dress up the blunt, open fringe.

Casual boho with curtain bangs


Different styles and long, romantic braids look great with the fringe. In her case, it’s a curtain fringe with a hole in the middle and light curls woven into it.

Semi-updo with curtain bangs

Undone or half-updo is the star. What else? It’s relaxed, comfortable, and stylish. Curtain bangs with a low updo will help you look chic without overcomplicating things.

Waves on top of a high ponytail

High ponytails with waves add glamour. It’s a simple and trendy hairstyle for formal events and every day. Curtain bangs frame your eyes even when your hair is up. Choose this!

Oblique and curtain bangs

Long, angled bangs will be a lifesaver for girls with square faces because they will hide the main flaw: their sharp features.

Small waves with curtain bangs

Towel-dry washed hair. Bad hair can be fixed with mousse or foam. Curlers curl the strands. While they dry, do your morning chores. The bangs are curved with a round comb. After the hair dries, the curlers are removed, and varnish is applied. Smoothing and laying down curls are options.

Beam with curtain bangs

Light hairstyles for women with bangs can’t be without a bun since it’s so popular. Carefully combing all strands. On top of the head is a big tail of hair. Next, twist the tail’s base hair into a tourniquet. Studs fix everything. Braid a few strands into pigtails and wrap them around the bundle. Straightening or laying sideways can straighten bangs.

Voluminous tail with curtain bangs

Since there isn’t always enough time, everyday bangs shouldn’t be hard to do or last long. Think of the easiest way to style your hair daily based on the tail. First, the hair is curled. Two temporal, occipital, and crown zones follow. Heads are tied to seats. Top-of-head hair is combed, twisted, and attached to the occipital tail. Same for temporal ones. Everything’s glued and varnished.

Braids on hair that isn’t tied back

This romantic short hairstyle looks excellent. Above, two bangs are split. Each must be pigtailed. Invisibly holding the two braids at the back of the head. Some braided strands are pullable. This style works for medium- and long-length hair.

Thick curtain bangs

Girls with thick hair will look best with thick bangs that are styled in a chic way. If you have a big forehead, thick bangs will hide it and make you look great.

Rare bangs

You can do sparse bangs that are light and airy on thin hair of any length. It will be cool to have thin, sparse bangs with an uneven edge, asymmetry, and lengthening on the sides. Thin side bangs look great with both long pixie cuts and short bob cuts.

Bangs on both ends

“Curtain” bangs are romantic. Long hair looks great with double-sided bangs. Ponytails and curls are cute for evening. Women who aren’t sure if they need bangs should get longer bangs on both sides. Styling can remove these bangs permanently.

Bangs that are straight

Straight bangs are popular because they look good with any hairstyle. A square and cascade haircut looks classic with straight bangs. Bangs that are straight can be short or long. Straight bangs can be thick or thin, and both styles look great. Straight brows need to be cared for and styled with care.

Stylish beveled bangs

Haircuts with oblique bangs are suitable for owners of a round face, as beveled bangs help to give the image an asymmetry. Side bangs are ideal for almost any haircut and can be shortly layered or sleek bob haircuts. Also, the beveled version is perfect for girls with curls.

Original hairstyle with bangs in a semicircle

Such bangs are best suited for girls with an oval face type, as they visually allow you to frame your face and give it a slightly more rounded shape. Thick bangs that form a semicircle will suit owners of any hair. However, with caution, the choice of this option should be treated by girls with sparse hair. In addition, it is also worth considering the features of the hair.

Bangs on Long-feathered curtain


Curtain bangs are the trendiest. They blend with your hair and frame your face.

Long swoopy curtain bangs


Soft waves and curtain bangs bring your natural beauty out even more.

Actual haircuts combined with milled bangs

This style of bangs is also called uneven. It helps to give the image playfulness and rebelliousness, so it should be carefully chosen by girls prone to the classical style. This version of the bangs will look good on any hair, even the various features of the hair. For example, curls will not be able to spoil such a bang.

Cropped curtain bangs – a spicy look

Quite an exciting option, especially for girls with short haircuts, a haircut with blunt bangs opens up the face and gives the image playfulness and lightness.

Haircuts with creative bangs – for the bold and daring

It includes asymmetrical, torn, ultra-short bangs. Bright strands and non-standard lengths are essential attributes of creative bangs. The image becomes truly bright, bold, and bold, and such bangs are often chosen by creative people who dislike monotony and boredom and are looking for inspiration in everything.

Sandy-blonde curtains


Cut curtain bangs for adaptability. Add beach waves to straight hair to match your long, heavy fringe.

Surprisingly long curtain bangs


Radiant long hair with long curtain bangs offers a unique look with many styling options. Even with lax styling, you’ll stand out.

Gradient curtain bangs


This fringe gracefully flows from shorter centerpieces to jaw-length braids on the sides. Brilliant accents blend into white ends.

Short hair curtain bangs


A fringe and huge bottom pieces can turn a lob into a retro shag.

Stylish bangs

People who want bangs make their faces appear less symmetrical. Side bangs look good with haircuts, whether short layers or a smooth bob.

The original style had bangs in the shape of a half circle

Girls with oval faces look best with these bangs because they frame the face and make it look round. Thick bangs that make a half-circle look good on all hair types. Girls with little hair should be careful about choosing this option, though. Also, it’s essential to think about what the hair looks like.

With milled curtain bangs

The name for this type of bangs is also “uneven.” It helps look playful and rebellious, so girls who like to dress in a more classic style should be careful when choosing it. This version of bangs will look good on any hair, no matter how to cut. Curls, for instance, won’t be able to ruin such a bang.

Cropped curtain bangs are a hot style

A haircut with blunt bangs is a fun option, especially for girls with short hair. It makes a face look more prominent and lighter and opens up the front.

Layered curtain bangs with flipped ends


A shorter fringe with thickly clipped strands bent away from the face can highlight cheekbones and provide texture and softness.

Messy curtain bangs


These creative, messy curtain bangs 2023 are perfect for those with little time to fix their hair. For a carefree look, softly curl and shake your hair.

Asian-style curtain bangs


Feathery layered hairstyles give volume and tenderness. Thinner face-framing strands make curtain bangs for thicker straight hair beneficial.

Soft, swoopy chestnut curtain bangs


Just keep curtain bangs longer and less choppy for romantic haircuts.

Creative haircuts with bangs

It has asymmetrical, ripped, and very short bangs. Creative bangs must have bright strands and lengths that aren’t the norm. The look becomes bright and bold, and people who don’t like routine and are always looking for inspiration often choose bangs like this.

Two boxes bob with curtain bangs

Ask your stylist for a box bob if you like your hair shorter. Hairstylists call this style “the new facelift for your hair,” and it’s easy to see why when you look at all the photos that show it. The blunt shape gives the most weight and thickness while still being easy to style.” The length can be adjusted to hit the chin or skim the shoulders, but stylists often recommend asking for a centre part to ensure the length is the same on both sides. For an excellent finish, you can also ask your stylist to add some texture to the ends.

Graduation with curtain bangs

If you want fullness and body, keep the number of layers to a minimum. “Progressive hairstyles put more weight on the back of the head and the back of the head. “This is good if you want a fuller look because it’s cut in layers.” The gradual change in length from short to long keeps the shape and lets you focus on volume.

Wolf with curtain bangs

Ryan Richman, a celebrity stylist, says that “wolf cuts,” which are furry lobs, can add soft volume and texture to your style while making you look cool and edgy. Look at this: People think the cut is a mix of an old-fashioned mullet and a modern lob. “Use a curling or flat iron to add waves to short hair that has been blow-dried.” Go in different directions and use barrels of different sizes to change your style. Add a layer of texturizing spray for a bit of light volume and texture to finish the look.

Triangle bob with curtain bang

The asymmetric triangle bob is making a comeback this year, and it’s perfect for those who want to give their classic bob a little edge. It’s cut so that one side is longer than the other, giving it a chic, ultra-feminine look that looks good on all face shapes. It works with any hair type but looks best on straight hair because it brings out the sharp lines.

Feathered curtain bangs

This hairstyle features not only length but also thickness, which could make the wearer appear plump. The feathered fringe, however, lightens the overall look, and the layers throughout the length do the rest.

Covering the entire length of the curtain bangs

The shorter pieces in the middle of this fringe seamlessly blend into the longer braids on either side. In addition, it allows for white-to-white transitions between bright highlights.

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