The Buzz Cut Is The Trendiest Hairstyle For Mens In 2024

Men’s haircuts are meant to showcase neatness, masculinity, naturalness, and grooming. While there are fewer variations in men’s haircuts compared to women’s, many men now pay close attention to their hair.

The hairstyle is the most important aspect of an image. We’ve gathered the most recent men’s haircut trends. You must consult with a professional to achieve the desired haircut. He can also recommend a haircut appropriate for your hair type, length, and facial shape.

The buzz cut hairstyle is a classic military cut for American men. It originated in the military but has since gained widespread popularity among men and has evolved to include various styles.

  • Buzz cuts are clipper-cuts.
  • Ideal for men who dislike long hair and want less styling and combing time.
  • Short hair needs no styling.
  • Visit the hairdresser often to stay fit.
  • A military-style haircut highlights your cheekbones, chin, and jawline.

Who Will Look Good With a Buzz Cut?

Who Will Look Good With a Buzz Cut?

This haircut is suitable for all hair types and face shapes, but it is best suited for those with oval or rectangular faces. However, as the buzz cut draws attention to the head, it is important to have a healthy scalp and hair.

Men with less extreme hairstyles should consider how comfortable they will be with such a drastic change in length and if their dress code permits it.

Gradient Buzz Cut

Gradient means cutting the sides of your hair short and leaving the top longer. The classic fade cut involves shortening the hair on the sides and nape, starting at the occipital bone and gradually getting longer as you move up the head.

The traditional and classic gradient is soft and not too sharp, so that you can make it quickly with scissors. The side shave on the most modern varieties can be more daring and different. In short, a classic gradient cut will be associated with being natural and fresh since it looks good on almost every man.

Military Buzz Cut

The military cut is in between the Mohawk and a completely shaved head. It’s an option for concise men’s haircuts, but you can play with how long the sides and top are to make a better contrast.

The military cut is to cut it to a negative number (between 0 and 0.5) and leave a small piece of the top uncut, which you can cut with the machine between 1 and 5, depending on your tastes and preferences. Preferences. In this cut, the gradient isn’t necessary, but the height of the sides is because to get the military look, you have to raise the lines of the temples a lot. This separates the cut’s two parts and gives them contrast.

Undercut Buzz Cut

In the last few years, the undercut has become a popular style. Do you know who the people in Peaky Blinders or Baby Driver are? If you remember them, this cut will be easy to spot.

The basic idea is the same as with the other styles: keep the nape and sides short or very short, but keep the top hair medium or long. The undercut is more moderate than the military, which is more extreme, but you can choose whether or not to do the lateral gradient in both styles.

Mohawk Buzz Cut

How about crests? If the answer is yes, you can’t give up on them if you bet on a Mohawk style, one of the haircuts for men with side-to-side layers. It is a version of the traditional cut that can be given a modern and avant-garde touch in the true Mohawk style.

The idea is to make the gradient on the sides while keeping the hair shorter and giving it more volume on top. This will help you style your crest. If you like taking risks, this choice is for you.

High Fade Buzz Cut

The high fade is a faded (also called “bald fade”) men’s haircut. One of the versions tries to make the top and sides look more different. No matter how long the top is, the sides should be almost cut off at the bottom to make a difference.

You’ll keep the hair quite long at the crown, but it will get shorter as it gets to the top of the head and the nape of the neck. This will contrast with the very short sides. It’s perfect to wear with a hairpiece or a mohawk.

Shaved Side With Top Texture

“The textured crew cut flatters most face shapes,” says Pankhurst London founder Brent Pankhurst. “It slims round faces. Shape a more angular face forward.”

Bleached Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are popular because they are simple, and clean cut emphasizes your facial features, and there are many ways to dress them up. Bleach the top, and the look is instantly edgy.

Thick Afro Buzz Cut

As seen here, properly maintained afro hair can do wonders. The corners and line-ups here work so well that all the details stand out, and to keep things cool, the entire look is perfect without any parting.

Street-style Buzz Cut

If you prefer joggers or jeans to suits, a street-style buzz cut will suit you. Just get up and go—no styling products needed.

With Lines on a Buzz Cut

In the side shaved haircuts for men with side gradients, a lot of actors, soccer players, and other famous people have gone for this style. The idea is to leave the top longer while cutting the hair on both sides and making a line, which is often done by the barber freehand. This is the best way to show off this drawing on the sides if you trust your hairdresser. Do you dare?

Hipster Buzz Cut

The hipster style cut is perfect for men who want a modern haircut that looks retro or vintage. The trick is to do the gradient on the sides and leave a lot of hair on top. Later, it would be best to comb it backward and use gel or hair gel to keep it in place. Adding a thick, long beard to your face is the best way to finish this cut. You will look like a true hipster! Our post on the best hipster haircuts for men has more ideas.

Mid Fade Buzz Cut

For a medium fade, the midi fade is the best choice. If you like things to be traditional, this is a good choice for you. The idea is to give the sides a midi cut that isn’t too extreme and keep the top longer. You can comb it to one side and leave it open on one side for a more classic look.

Side Buzz Cut With Bun

And if you want long hair on top so you can make pigtails or bows, the side cut and bulge are the last short haircuts for men on the sides and long on top. It will give you a more modern and cutting-edge look. The idea is to shave the sides so that all the hair volume is on top and in the middle. This length should be long enough to make a bun or ponytail.

Zero Buzz Cut

A zero buzz cut is a short haircut that cuts the hair down to the skin without using a clipper guard. A zero haircut near a shaved head is an edgy style for a clean look. Since there is no hair to protect you, the zero cut is only for men with nice-looking heads and faces.

Buzzcut Skin Fading

A buzz cut with a skin fade is one of the most popular hairstyles. This is done to make the sides long enough so that the buzz top stands out. In a side and back skin fade haircut, the hair is cut to get closer and closer to the skin. Men can ask their barber for low, medium, or high bald fades, and faded cuts can be combined with number 1, 2, or 3 haircuts. The skin fade buzz cut is a perfect hairstyle in style and looks even sexier with some facial hair.

Buzz Cut With Beard

Buzz cut with beard balances style and adds ruggedness. You must know how to style wild hair and beard to stand out. Short hair on top will bring attention to your beard, so style it.

Men with thick buzzcuts grow longer beards. People with thinning hair choose stubble or a short, well-groomed beard to hide their hairline. The beard provides your badass look dimension and depth with a stylish buzz cut fade.

Short Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is short and frequently cut with a number 1 guard. Short buzz cuts include military induction cuts, burr cuts, and tight fades. These buzz cuts were closed with tapered sides and back faded.

If you have an entire hairline, a military-style buzz cut gives your hair sharp angles and an edge. Thin-haired people should avoid this because of the size. Let more hair grow to soften and style the amount.

Long Buzz Cut

The most popular is the crew cut with side buzz cuts. Longer buzz cuts provide handsome guys with more styling alternatives than shorter ones. Long hair with a buzz cut can be treated with pomade or clay for volume and depth.

Buzz cuts can have fringes, Caesar cuts, or side-swept fronts. Caesar has a number 4 guard and side fade. His hair is lengthy. Long bangs can be brushed forward, hung over the forehead, or swept to the side.

Medium Buzz Cut

If you want to be neutral, you should get a medium buzz cut, which is neither too short nor too long. Most of the time, a medium buzz cut with a number 3 on top and a 1 or 2 on the sides looks tight and tapered. Start with these three buzz cuts for an easy trim that doesn’t show the scalp and doesn’t grow too fast.

Buzz Cut With Bangs

Get a buzz cut with bangs if you want to look like a short crop top. A tapered fade haircut on the sides blends the style of a buzz cut, French crop, or short fringe. The short, wild haircut up top is still very short, but the bangs are a little longer, so they can be styled differently.

Tapered Buzz Cut

Men who want short hair but don’t want to show too much skin can get a buzzcut taper. Most of the time, a tapered fade will blend the hair on your side and bring it back to your scalp. On the other hand, a tapered haircut will agree short but leave some hair on the bottom. A sharp buzz cut is a good hairstyle for men who work in the business world or want a short haircut that is smooth and attractive but not too edgy.

Induction Buzz Cut

Induction is the shortest buzz cut without shaving your head. An induced buzz cut can be the same length all over the head or paired with shaved sides. You can’t go back after this no-guard haircut helps your hair grow out, so be pleased.

Men with thinning or receding hairlines who aren’t ready to shave should have induction haircuts. All hair types can use them. They were styled with an edge-up, stubble, or beard.

Half-box Buzz Cut

The half-box is the most popular men’s haircut, in which the hair on the back and sides of the head is cut with a clipper, and the crown is cut with scissors. A characteristic feature of the structure of this hairstyle is a smooth transition from long to short strands.

Canadian Buzz Cut

Having a short, military-style haircut used to be a sign of manliness, but now even the toughest men choose medium-length hair. The Canadian haircut is based on leaving a lot of hair on the forehead and crown while cutting the hair on the temples. Modern stylists make small changes to the Canadian haircut to make it more attractive and on-trend.

British Buzz Haircut

British haircuts extended to the US and Western Europe (in the middle of the twentieth century). Individuals can wear British hairstyles with or without parting and bangs. The overhang in front of a modest hair protrusion distinguishes the haircut. Bangs of natural length are carefully arranged sideways or back. The back of the head hair is short. Machine needed. The bangs aren’t removed. It’s snippable. The back of the head and temporal should transition smoothly.

Angular Fringe Buzz Cut

Avoid conformity with an angular fringe (as butch haircuts are supposed to have an actual hair length all around the circumference of your head).

A Hairpiece Was Used to Cut a Skin Fade

One of the most extreme styles of this men’s haircut is the skin fade with a wig, a variation on the classic gradient. It means shaving the sides down to the skin and leaving the top part of the hair medium or long enough to make a wig that can be styled back, up, or to the side.

It’s a high-maintenance cut because you always have to go over your sides to make the wig stand out and create a bold contrast that looks so good.


Is a Buzz Cut Attractive?

Yes, a buzz cut can be attractive for its simplicity and clean look. It accentuates facial features and requires minimal maintenance.

Do Women Like Buzz Cuts?

Women’s preferences for buzz cuts vary widely. Some women find buzz cuts attractive and appreciate the bold and confident look they convey, while others may prefer different hairstyles. Ultimately, personal taste and individual preferences play a significant role in whether women like buzz cuts or not.

Who Should Avoid Buzz Cut?

Individuals with uneven head shapes, prominent scars, or skin conditions may want to avoid buzz cuts as they may accentuate these features.

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