50 Trending Hairstyles With Bangs In 2024

50 Trending Hairstyles With Bangs

Hairstyles with bangs have always been a popular choice among men and women. Bangs, also known as fringe, refer to the hair that falls over the forehead. They can instantly transform your look and add a touch of elegance and style. In this article, we will explore the meaning of bangs in hairstyles, the different types of bangs available, how to achieve hairstyles with bangs, and which hairstyles complement bangs the best.

What Do Bangs Mean in Hairstyles?

What Do Bangs Mean in Hairstyles?

Bangs, in the context of hairstyles, refer to the hair that is cut to fall over the forehead. They can be straight, side-swept, or layered and frame the face, accentuating the eyes and cheekbones. Bangs are a versatile element in hairstyling, creating various looks, from playful and youthful to sophisticated and chic.

How Many Types of Bangs Are There?

Depending on your desired look and hair type, there are several types of bangs. Here are some popular types of bangs:

Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs create a bold, edgy look with a straight-across cut across the forehead.

Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs

Wispy bangs are delicate and feathered, with shorter strands mixed in, creating a light and airy appearance.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs, parted in the middle and swept to each side, frame the face and provide a retro-inspired look.

Side-Swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs

Side-swept bangs add a soft and feminine touch to your hairstyle as they elegantly sweep across the forehead.

Note: These are just a few examples; hairstylists can create variations and combinations to suit individual preferences.

How to Do Hairstyles With Bangs?

How to Do Hairstyles With Bangs?

Creating hairstyles with bangs is relatively simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting a stylish look with bangs:

  1. Start by deciding on the type of bangs you want. Consider your face shape, hair texture, and personal style.
  2. Consult a professional hairstylist who can advise you on the best bangs for your features.
  3. Once you have the desired bangs, maintain regular trims to keep them at the right length.
  4. To style your bangs, blow-dry them using a round brush to achieve the desired shape and volume.
  5. Experiment with different styling techniques, such as straightening, curling, or adding texture to your bangs, to create various looks.
  6. Use styling products like hairspray, mousse, or gel to keep your bangs in place throughout the day.

Remember, practice makes perfect, and it may take some time to find the perfect styling routine that works for you.

What Hairstyles Look Good With Bangs?

Bangs can complement various hairstyles and enhance your overall look. Here are some hairstyles that pair well with bangs:

Baby Bangs

Baby bangs

Baby bangs are short bangs that sit above the eyebrows, giving a youthful and edgy look.

Long Bangs

Long bangs

Long bangs are characterized by bangs that extend past the eyebrows, providing a soft and face-framing effect.

Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs

Blunt bangs are a stylish choice where the hair is cut straight across the forehead, creating a strong and defined line. This type of bangs gives a contemporary and chic look.

Micro Bangs

Micro bangs

Micro bangs are ultra-short bangs that sit just above the hairline, offering a striking and avant-garde appearance.

Spiky Bangs

Spiky bangs

Spiky bangs involve styling the bangs to stand up or have a textured, spiked effect. This edgy hairstyle adds a rebellious and trendy vibe to your overall look.

Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs

Wispy bangs are soft and delicate, with feathery strands that gently graze the forehead. These slightly uneven strands give a romantic and ethereal appearance, adding a touch of softness to your face.

Bardot Bangs

Bardot bangs

Inspired by the iconic Brigitte Bardot, Bardot bangs are longer, voluminous ones swept to the side, exuding a sultry and glamorous aura.

Pin-up Bangs

Pin-up bangs

Pin-up bangs typically feature a vintage-inspired style, often rolled, curled, and swept to one side, reminiscent of classic pin-up girl aesthetics.

Parted Bangs

Parted bangs

Parted bangs create a deliberate separation within the bangs, allowing them to fall on either side of the face, providing versatility and a modern twist.

Clip-in Bangs

Clip-in bangs

Clip-in bangs are temporary extensions that allow you to create bangs instantly without committing to a permanent change. They are easy to add and customize, allowing you to experiment with different bang styles and lengths without making long-term alterations to your hair.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are parted in the middle and styled to frame the face on each side. It creates a curtain-like effect, enhancing your facial features and adding a touch of sophistication to your hairstyle.

Braided Bangs

Braided bangs

Braided bangs involve:

  • Weaving the front section of the hair into intricate braids.
  • Adding texture and detail.
  • A bohemian flair to the overall hairstyle.

Shaggy Bangs

Shaggy bangs

Shaggy bangs are textured and layered, often styled with a tousled and undone look. This carefree, effortlessly cool vibe adds a relaxed and trendy element to your hairstyle.

Choppy Bangs

Choppy bangs

Choppy bangs feature uneven, textured ends created through various cutting techniques, offering an edgy, slightly disheveled aesthetic.

Layered Bangs

Layered bangs

Layered bangs involve cutting the bangs into different lengths to create dimension and movement. This style can be tailored to complement various face shapes, adding versatility to your look.

Blended Bangs

Blended bangs

Blended bangs seamlessly integrate into the rest of your hairstyle, creating a smooth transition and a cohesive look without a distinct separation. This style offers a balanced and harmonious appearance.

Textured Bangs

Textured bangs

Textured bangs, styled with intentional roughness or tousled texture, infuse a modern and fashionable touch to your overall look.

Bob With Bangs

Bob with bangs

A bob with bangs is a versatile and chic hairstyle that combines a bob haircut with bangs. This timeless option can be customized to suit different preferences and face shapes, offering a stylish and classic choice.

V-shaped Bangs

V-shaped bangs

V-shaped bangs feature a distinct point in the centre, creating a V-like shape that adds a unique and eye-catching element to the hairstyle.

Updo With Bangs

Updo with bangs

An updo with bangs involves styling the hair up and off the face while leaving the bangs down in the front, offering an elegant and polished look.

Feathered Bangs

Feathered bangs

Feathered bangs are soft and wispy, with gently layered strands that create a feather-like effect, imparting a light and airy feel to the hairstyle.

Bottleneck Bangs

Bottleneck bangs

Bottleneck bangs are cut in a rounded or curved shape, resembling the neck of a bottle. This distinctive and unconventional style adds an artistic and unique touch to your look.

Short Baby Bangs

Short baby bangs

Short baby bangs are shorter than regular ones, sitting just above the forehead, creating a bold, attention-grabbing statement.

Peek-a-boo Bangs

Peek-a-boo bangs

Peek-a-boo bangs involve styling the bangs to partially cover the eyes, creating an alluring and mysterious effect.

Side-swept Bangs

Side-swept bangs

Side-swept bangs are styled to one side, gently sweeping across the forehead. This classic and elegant choice adds a touch of sophistication to any hairstyle, framing your face beautifully.

Asymmetrical Bangs

Asymmetrical bangs

Asymmetrical bangs feature an uneven or irregular cut, with one side shorter or styled differently than the other, resulting in a unique and edgy look.

Layered Baby Bangs

Layered baby bangs

Layered baby bangs combine the short length of baby bangs with layers, creating a textured and dimensional effect that adds depth and interest to the hairstyle.

Pixie Cut With Bangs

Pixie cut with bangs

A pixie cut with bangs refers to a short, cropped hairstyle combined with bangs, offering a bold and stylish appearance that highlights facial features.

Face-framing Bangs

Face-framing bangs

Face-framing bangs are carefully cut to frame the face, highlighting its unique features and creating a flattering and youthful effect.

Long Layers With Bangs

Long layers with bangs

Long layers with bangs involve adding layers to the hair while incorporating bangs, creating movement, texture, and versatility in the overall hairstyle.

Shag Haircut With Bangs

Shag haircut with bangs

A shag haircut combines a layered and textured hairstyle with bangs, resulting in a tousled and effortless look with a hint of rock ‘n’ roll influence.

Long Bob With Piecey Bangs

Long bob with piecey bangs

A long bob with piecey bangs is a shoulder-length bob haircut combined with choppy and textured bangs. This modern and trendy look offers a stylish and fresh approach to your hairstyle.

Low Bun With Braided Bangs

Low bun with braided bangs

Create a sleek low bun and braid a small section of your bangs, incorporating it into the bun for an elegant and bohemian touch.

Top Knot With Choppy Bangs

Top knot with choppy bangs

Achieve a trendy and effortless look by styling your hair into a high-top knot and pairing it with slightly uneven choppy bangs for a modern edge.

Messy Bun With Wispy Bangs

Messy bun with wispy bangs

Embrace a casual yet chic vibe by gathering your hair into a loose, tousled bun and letting delicate wispy bangs frame your face for a romantic and effortless appearance.

Curly Long Haircut With Bangs

Curly long haircut with bangs

A long curly haircut with bangs involves embracing natural curls while incorporating bangs, creating a playful and romantic hairstyle with a touch of bohemian charm.

Half-up, Half-down With Bangs

Half-up, half-down with bangs

A half-up, half-down hairstyle with bangs features the hair partially pulled back while leaving the rest down, with the addition of bangs, resulting in a versatile and balanced look.

Messy Bob With Blended Bangs

Messy bob with blended bangs

Opt for a chic and effortless look by styling a messy bob haircut, and pair it with blended bangs that seamlessly blend into the rest of your hair for a natural and carefree appearance.

Side Bangs With Beachy Waves

Side bangs with beachy waves

Get a relaxed and beachy look by parting your hair to the side and styling it into loose waves while allowing side bangs to add playfulness and elegance.

High Ponytail With Parted Bangs

High ponytail with parted bangs

Create a sleek and polished high ponytail, leaving out parted bangs to frame your face. This combination adds a touch of sophistication and freshness to your overall look.

Braided Updo With Micro Bangs

Braided updo with micro bangs

Combine intricate braiding with bold micro bangs by creating a high ponytail, braiding it tightly, and wrapping it into an updo while incorporating short, straight-across micro bangs for a sophisticated and creative statement.

Medium Wavy Haircut With Bangs

Medium wavy haircut with bangs

A medium wavy haircut with bangs combines a shoulder-length hairstyle with soft waves and bangs, offering a classic and effortless look suitable for various occasions.

Pixie Haircut With Side-swept Bangs

Pixie haircut with side-swept bangs

A pixie haircut with side-swept bangs involves styling short, cropped hair with bangs swept to one side, creating a bold and stylish statement.

Natural Curls With Side-swept Bangs

Natural curls with side-swept bangs

Natural curls with side-swept bangs combine the beauty of natural curls with bangs styled to one side, creating a stunning and carefree look with a touch of elegance.

Sleek Straight Hair With Blunt Bangs

Sleek straight hair with blunt bangs

Embrace a sleek and sophisticated style by keeping your hair straight and pairing it with blunt-cut bangs that create a bold and striking statement.

Side Ponytail With Peek-a-boo Bangs

Side ponytail with peek-a-boo bangs

Add a playful twist to your hairstyle by gathering your hair into a side ponytail and leaving out peek-a-boo bangs that partially cover your forehead, adding a touch of mystery and charm.

Curly Updo With Layered Baby Bangs

Curly updo with layered baby bangs

Showcase your curls with an elegant updo. Incorporate layered baby bangs that beautifully frame your face, creating a harmonious, eye-catching look.

Messy Chignon With Bottleneck Bangs

Messy chignon with bottleneck bangs

Infuse your hairstyle with elegance and femininity by softly incorporating swept bottleneck bangs to the side. Create an effortlessly chic and romantic look with a messy chignon, adding a touch of charm and sophistication.

Textured Pixie Cut With V-shaped Bangs

Textured pixie cut with v-shaped bangs

Opt for a bold and edgy look with a textured pixie cut, and complete the style with V-shaped bangs that bring attention to your eyes and create a unique focal point.

Layered Haircut With Piecey Curtain Bangs

Layered haircut with piecey curtain bangs

A layered haircut with piecey curtain bangs incorporates layers throughout the hair and curtain bangs styled with a choppy and textured appearance, providing a dynamic and contemporary hairstyle.


In conclusion, bangs are a versatile and stylish addition to any hairstyle. With various types to choose from and countless hairstyles to pair them with, you can easily find the perfect bangs that suit your face shape and personal style. Whether you prefer a bold, blunt bang or wispy side-swept bangs, the key is to consult a professional hairstylist and experiment to find the look that makes you feel confident and fabulous. So embrace the bangs trend in 2024 and make a fashionable statement with your hairstyle!


Which Hairstyle Looks Good With Bangs?

Bangs can go with lots of different hairstyles. It depends on what you like and the shape of your face. Some good hairstyles with bangs are layered cuts, bobs, pixie cuts, and long hair. Just make sure the bangs match your face shape and hair type to make you look your best.

Are Bangs Still in Style 2024?

Yes, bangs are still cool in 2024. Even though styles change over time, bangs have been popular for a long time. People keep finding new ways to wear them, so they stay fashionable. You can expect to see bangs around for a while longer.

Is Bangs Okay for Chubby Face?

Yes, bangs can look great on round faces. They can help make your face look longer and add some style. It’s important to choose the right kind of bangs, like side-swept or longer ones, that work well with your face shape. Talk to your hairstylist to figure out the best bangs for you.

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