Men’s Hairstyle for Thick Hair To Look Handsome

Men's Hairstyle for Thick Hair To Look Handsome

Men’s Hairstyle for Thick Hair: Modern guys constantly strive to look fashionable. But to create a stunning look, clothes alone are not enough – you also need a stylish hairstyle. The haircut choice will depend on the hair type: thick or sparse, straight or curly. In this article, we will focus on the thick strands, which have long become the subject of the dreams of many men.

Thin hair is a problem for many men. But styling on thick hair is also not so easy. The most important thing in solving this problem is determining the shape of the face and the type of hair – whether straight or wavy.

To style thick hair, men will need many different styling products. So that styling does not take much time, you can choose specific haircuts for thick hair. For example, men with straight hair can cut their hair shorter at the sides and leave their hair slightly longer at the top.

You can also choose long haircuts at the top of the head for curly, thick hair and make the sides shorter. Such hair can be styled in “blast in the pasta factory”, Spiky, or leave the hair in its natural position. By the way, it will be straightforward to make such a styling with thick hair, but owners of other hair are unlikely to succeed.

Short haircuts are best for you if you have straight, thick hair. Short haircuts are a shortcut to beauty, where the top is slightly longer, and the sides are cropped short. You can brush your hair to one side or style it in the same “art mess” style with a styling gel to style this kind of haircut.

At all times, thick and well-groomed curls were considered an indicator of health. The density and appearance are primarily due to genetics, and if the strands are naturally rare, you can add volume to them exclusively visually. Most of the thick hair has been like this since childhood, and you can maintain its appearance with the help of various care products.

Thick, coarse hair is widespread among men. Fortunately, there are many fashionable haircuts suitable for them. An experienced master will help select such a hairstyle so that its owner looks stylish and beautiful every day.

Thick hair is the object of dreams not only for women but also for many men. If only because they give many opportunities for creating a variety of hairstyles. Moreover, they can be done both on short or long hair and the hair of medium length.

Men’s haircuts for thick hair: the most fashionable examples

Of course, when choosing men’s haircuts for thick hair, I want to focus on an attractive and relevant option. Therefore, this collection contains the most stylish, fashionable and modern hairstyles. Of course, among them, both classic haircuts never go out of style. But some species have appeared relatively recently and have won the love of men.

Men’s haircuts for thick hair with bangs

Holders of thick strands are incredibly suitable hairstyle undercut with thick bangs gathered up. It’s a classic that will hardly ever cease to be liked by both the owners of thick hair and their halves. The undercut haircut fits perfectly into any look. So it will be appropriate to appear with her both in the office and at a party. In addition, since the hair is cut on short to medium length hair, it is also ideal for various activities.

For short hair

This is the most popular length chosen by the vast majority of guys. There are a lot of haircuts for thick short hair. Here are some exciting solutions.


This haircut was popular with tennis players who could not be distracted by hair falling on their faces while playing. In this hairstyle version, the back of the head and whiskey are cut off, but the volume remains on the crown.

This hairstyle is suitable for men of any age, but only if the hair has a rigid structure.


One of the most common and fashionable haircuts. Suitable for short straight hair. When creating a hairstyle, the hairdresser cuts the hair exactly, along the same length, while the bangs remain slightly elongated. Hair is shaped like hedgehog needles with solid hold styling products.

It is worth noting that the hedgehog looks good on athletic, muscular men. A physique that is too thin or overweight is not the best solution for such a haircut.


With such a haircut every day, you can completely forget about the styling. She is loved by courageous, charismatic guys who prefer the classics. Hair in boxing is short, no more than 4 cm, so if you have a typewriter, you can adjust your hairstyle at home.


This is a relatively short haircut. There are only a couple of centimetres on the top of the head. Only a few millimetres on the temples and the back of the head.

The military is an ideal choice for soldiers, athletes. She looks brutal and does not require any special care.

Other popular ideas:

  • “baize”
  • French haircut
  • buzz cut
  • in fade style.

Medium length

Medium length haircuts look bold and fashionable. They can refresh the image, bring something new to it. Men with a similar length can adopt the following hairstyle options.


This type of haircut is common among young guys. She is pretty shocking, and she will immediately draw attention to herself. The back of the head and temples, in this case, is carefully trimmed, but there is a large volume on the top of the head.


In another way, it is also called “double sports square”. The back of the temples and head are cut very short, but a large volume is created at the crown. It makes a spectacular bang that can be styled in several ways. Shaved drawings will complement such a haircut.

Half box

This haircut is similar to boxing, but it is an extended version. The back of the head is trimmed with a machine, while there is the volume on the top of the head. Hair can be styled in different ways, constantly renewing the bow.

Suitable for semi-boxing guys with a face in the shape of a square or circle.


The hair is trimmed from the sides and the back of the head, but a large volume is created on the crown. Styling is a similar hairstyle from the forehead.

Other popular ideas for thick hairs:

  • “Pompadour”
  • old school hairstyles
  • faux hawk
  • “Iroquois”
  • asymmetry.

For long length

Do not think that long hair deprives its owner of masculine features. It is enough to remember the history: the ancient Vikings, Greeks, Musketeers to understand that this is not the case. Long hair is a great way to emphasize masculinity and creativity.

There are several options for men’s hairstyles for long thick hair.

Surfer style

The simplest hairstyle, all you need is to grow your hair to your shoulders. It’s good if they curl slightly and lie in waves.

This hairstyle allows for negligence, as it is pretty challenging to find a surfer who has just got off his board with perfect styling.


It’s an option for those who love great looks in the style of Bob Marley.

It is important to remember that dreadlocks must complement the proper clothing. With a classic suit, for example, you should not wear them.


These hairstyles involve shoulder length or longer hair with an even part. The strands can be worn both loose and collected in a ponytail. Suitable for men of average build, as well as big guys.


It is a whole set of different kinds of haircuts for long hair. Haircuts here mean graduation, unusual styling, side partings.


This haircut is hair gathered at the back of the head in a messy bun. Hair length can be different, but in any case, the hairstyle is suitable for those who love experiments and are free from prejudices.

There are 4 options for such a haircut: whole bun, low, top knot, pineapple.

In addition, they will look great on long strands:

  • staining
  • wet hair effect
  • shade
  • pigtails
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