The Most Coolest Hairstyles From Zayn Malik

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Zayn Malik’s hairstyle has grown in popularity since One Direction’s explosion on the pop. On his most recent departure from 1D, Zayn Malik’s haircut and fashion choices have been scrutinized as he tries to part with his boyband image. Definitely up to the challenge, Zayn traded in his signature long hair to experiment with buzz cuts. Quiffs fade, and different hair colors. Zayn Malik’s new hair is still growing out, and anyone can imagine what their next hairstyle will look like, given the versatility of his hair.

Zayn Malik surprises with a new look. The former member of the band One Direction has recently started wearing green hair. The singer posted a selfie showing him his new hairstyle on his Twitter page. However, he did not write a comment on this. His fans are divided about his new look. Many users made fun of the new green hair color.

It seems like Zayn Malik has a different hairstyle every week and everyone looks amazing. From long and shaggy to short and tight, he has rocked everything. His hair type and face shape go with practically any haircut. Just look at some of the different hairstyle variations on Zayn that he has sported throughout his career.

Choosing Zayn Malik’s best hairstyles is a challenge because literally, every new hair color and haircut idea works magically on his thick man and incredibly symmetrical heart shape.

Zayn Malik has tried and tested an endless variety of hairstyles: from the original Zayn Malik haircut from the days of the One Direction boy band to a drop fade faux hawk to a short hair buzz cut that Zayn Malik has today indicates.

Zayn’s hair has been styled into a perfectly manicured hairstyle, a shaggy hairstyle, and a pink faded undercut. With a simple headband, Zayn rocked a man bun, top knot, and low ponytail. Zayn Malik opted for blonde highlights, a white, unkempt beard, dark hair with light skin, and long hair combined with facial hair.

From short hair to medium-length hair, Zayn Malik is a typical hairstyle Icon among the handsome guys in the world. His hairstyle can be edited into a textbook of male hairstyles.

Zayn Malik, formerly One Direction, has always enjoyed experimenting with fashion and hair. You might not want to copy his red carpet turtlenecks (though you might), but his hairstyles are definitely on point. From buzz cuts to man buns, pompadours to pink hair, Zayn Malik has worn a wide range of cuts, colors, and styles over the years. Check out this Zayn Malik’s hair collection, from shortest to longest.

Here Are Some Zayn Malik Haircut Ideas

The False Hawk

When Zayn decided to let his hair grow longer and dye it blonde and later pink, all fans were amazed. This pulled-up teardrop fade faux hawk with tiny frozen tips is sure to be an iconic Zayn haircut!

Blonde Buzz Cut

When done by Zayn Malik, a skin fade and buzz cut also don’t mean a boring short hairstyle. Blonde hair on top adds incredible contrast to Zayn Malik’s natural hair color.

Long Quiff Hairstyle

Thanks to the natural density of hair, Zayn Malik’s hairstyles are often full of movement and depth. Here a long quiff is carelessly swept back, and a strand naturally falls into his face.

Comb Over Fade Haircut

When it comes to more classic and neutral hairstyles, Zayn’s hair portfolio also offers a lot. This timeless style includes elements meant to win: the edgy side shave blends in perfectly with longer hair combed neatly over it.


The undercut is the most versatile of all Zayn Malik hairstyles as the length of hair on top can be worn in many different ways. Plus, this slightly puffy style gives you a chance to awaken your inner Elvis Presley.

Icy Blonde

A blonde buzz cut that ends in neatly shaved facial hair will always get to the point when it comes to natural black thick hair, as Zayn Malik has.


And here we go back a little bit as Zayn Malik wore this layered hairstyle during his career with the boy band. And while a similar classic shaggy style is trending these days, Zayn Malik doesn’t seem ready to go back to long layers.

Buzz Cut

That simple buzz cut and thin beard that Zayn wears have already become his feature image. This one is probably the easiest to care for of all the hair solutions from Zayn Malik.

Hairstyle With Bangs

Zayn Malik also represented this type of edgy fringe. Did we mention his perfect face shape that magically makes every single hairstyle Zayn Malik tries on?

Top Knot

A middle fade and a top knot make a great pair. The only things to always look out for are the sleek hairlines and a neat fade.

The Caesar Haircut

A Caesar style looks effortless and usually fits every occasion and outfit.

Side Part Hairstyle

The hair combed to one side with a distinctive side hard part has always been a win-win option. Just look at this dazzling hair from Zayn Malik – it’s completely ready for Paris Fashion Week!

Mid Taper Fade

A medium fade, a taper, and a dazzling refresh make up another hooligan haircut inspired by Zayn Malik.

Side Swept

Zayn wore his thick mane loosely combed to the side – and many celebrities like Justin Bieber have rocked this style too. Falling for an edgy pony? Go for this One Direction-inspired Zayn haircut.

Hair Combed Back

Some Zayn Malik haircuts are completely impossible to predict. For example, this shiny, sleek Zayn Malik haircut.

Medium Length Hairstyle With Side Comb

Among Zayn Malik’s medium-length haircut ideas, this side sweep from Zayn is probably the most masculine by nature.


Among all the variations, probably the best Zayn Malik hairstyles have ash blonde highlights. This color contrast trick works especially well on thick dark hair.

Head Tattoo

Everyone can recognize Zayn Malik’s signature head tattoo – it’s one of a kind. And Zayn’s stylists are always great at blending it into any new hairstyle.

Short Layered Haircut

A short and layered hairstyle by Zayn Malik is represented by this nifty undercut with a textured, front-facing top.

Medium Length Curls

To get this interesting Zayn hairstyle, just let your natural texture out and lightly season it with a hair gel.

Flat Side & Top

Zayn often opts for a classic flat side and top haircut for more formal events.

The Pomp Hairstyle

Zayn doesn’t combine his pomp with skin discoloration as others do and is indicative of his style.


A round brush and blow-dry your hair to brush it up for this flattering hairstyle for all faces.

Low Ponytail

At one point in life, this is what casual Zayn Malik hairstyles looked like.


And a simple headband was an essential detail of his image. Simple but stylish.

Shaved Side

Shaved sides also feature in Zayn’s hairstyles. Simple and minimalistic, this detail makes any hairstyle edgier and neater.

Met Line-up

Zayn often combines his short and tight hairstyles with a rather disconnected beard and mustache.

The High and Tight Haircut

And here is another hair idea from Zayn Malik for formal and special occasions. Works with all hair types.

Middle Part Long Hairstyle

Check out this old-school photo. Young Zayn used to wear long hair and styled it with bangs and pulled up tips.

The Bald

Summer is the perfect time of year to chop off your locks and start over. Hopefully, this shaved head inspires some of you!

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