Top 20 Wavy And Curly Pixie Cut Ideas To Glam Your Look

Top 20 Wavy And Curly Pixie Cut Ideas To Glam Your Look

Curly hair is the wealth of any woman, But not every lady is proud of this wealth. And all because curly hair is more whimsical to care for, there are many problems with it in terms of styling and creating hairstyles. But it turns out there is an excellent way out of a curly pixie. The presented short haircut will miraculously emphasize the natural beauty and style of a woman and, in addition, will allow a lady to wake up every day in a good mood. After all, now, looking in the mirror, she will see a relatively well-groomed hairstyle, even just getting out of bed.

Pixie is a fashionable women’s haircut characterized by short or ultra-short length and voluminous hair at the crown. In addition, you will learn how to choose a haircut based on your face shape and hair type.

However, now there are many options for this hairstyle: multi-layered, with a high nape, pixie-bob, with a temporary crown. If you, like the women, are ready for a change, then before going to the hairdresser, we strongly recommend that you study our list of the most fashionable pixie styles that are popular this year.

Curly hair attracts attention, both to the appearance and to its weaknesses. If your face is not of a classical shape, you should be especially careful about choosing a hairstyle.


Pixie styling will be appropriate for girls with curly hair who prefer haircuts. It will undoubtedly take a lot of time to lay, but the result is worth it.


It is performed while maintaining the splendour at the crown. Elongated bangs complement not very short strands.


This styling is due to negligence and carelessness. You can even say that styling is not needed at all in this version. It should feel like the girl just got out of bed and went outside.


The temple is shaved (or cut off) only on one side, while on the other side, the asymmetrical bang is usually placed, contrasting with the shaved area.

Short side

It is distinguished by the presence of elongated wavy strands on the crown and bangs laid on one side. At the same time, the hair on the opposite side of the head is cut short.

Bouffant up

Another elegant version that requires careful styling. Here, carelessness can play a cruel joke, so choose this type of bouffant only if you like to devote a lot of time to hair care.

Bangs wave

The perfect variation for a square face. Thanks to the light curls of the bangs, you can easily hide the extensive cheekbones and create sophisticated features.

Retro pixie

Haircuts are characterized by short hair in almost all areas and a small volume at the crown. As for the bangs, there are several options here: short torn, long, combed to one side or ultra-short asymmetrical bangs.

Graduated pixie

A layered technique is used to create a graduated pixie. First, the master divides the hair into sections. Then he begins to cut the lowest strands at the neck, gradually moving to the top.

Asymmetrical pixie

The result is a highly stylish, exciting and feminine haircut, the neat shape of which can easily be transformed into an extravagant outrageous option for a night disco or a theme party.

Oblique bangs

Oblique bangs create an elegant, slightly casual look. Straight bangs of the maximum possible length plus the hair’s original colour is the ideal basis for the image of the fatal beauty.

With shaved temples

A pixie haircut with shaved temples will emphasize your creative personality. Moreover, not only whiskey can be shaved, but also the back of the head.

With elongated temples

Pixie with elongated temples – a haircut that keeps the length of the front strands at the level of a short bob. It is perfect for women with a round or full face, as it visually lengthens the silhouette and hides full cheeks.

With a cascading pixie

The peculiarity of the cascading fairy is that the hair is cut not at one but different levels. The master takes several strands and trims their length.

With a short temples

Unlike most pixie options, with such a haircut, the crown does not remain lush or tousled but, on the contrary, is cut short. This hairstyle does not break the proportions and does not stretch the silhouette.

Bangs on the side

A great option to dilute the classics. At the same time, the curls of the bangs can be elongated and shorter, reaching the chin line or the cheekbones.

Messy Pixie Bob

This cut doesn’t need to be elongated to look good. Use a curl enhancer and style your hair with your hands, even if your hair isn’t naturally wavy.

Pixie for wavy hair

The Pixie haircut makes the image fabulous and cute despite the short length. Even many years after the tape’s release, the haircut is alive and popular.

Pixie with bangs

A pixie haircut is performed for medium hair with bangs of various lengths – from short and even to elongated and asymmetric, making it possible to design the overall appearance of the face and head beautifully.

Pixie with medium length

Many owners of strands with curls are wondering if a pixie will look harmonious on such a head of hair. A pixie haircut for medium curly hair will require extra attention, especially if the curls are naughty.

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