Trendy Fade Haircuts To Stand Out Bold

Fade haircuts are the most trendy, popular, versatile and attractive haircuts for men, teens and guys. They look stylish and easy to fit, well for all guys. “Fade” is not a haircut. This technique creates a fuzzy “smoky” transition from short hair at the back of the head to any desired length at the crown.

Fade haircuts are suitable for all hair types: fine to thick and straight to curly. Shaving cuts lighten hair and make styling easier for men with thick hair. So you might ask, how do these hairstyles work on fine and even thinning hair? Ultra-short hair on the sides makes the hair on top thicker and more contrasting. This applies to guys with thick hair and men with thin and thin hair. This cut keeps the edges short for wavy, curly hair and creates a balanced look.

Fade hairstyles can look just about anything. Hair can be short or long, whichever you prefer, or something in the middle. A fade haircut is a very popular choice among guys. Shaving also looks great at any age and can lengthen the time between haircuts.

Almost all modern haircuts are performed using this technique, which involves transitioning from short to medium hair length. You can get the perfect haircut using this technique in Minsk in the BARRYMORE barbershop.

The “Fade” technique appeared and became popular in the 40s of the twentieth century in America, one of the main “military” haircuts. With the rock and roll era, long hair and Pompadour haircuts replaced short haircuts, and FadeFade was forgotten. In the 80s and 90s, hip-hop began to gain popularity, and with it, short haircuts with the “Fade” technique returned.

Today, haircuts with the Fade technique are suitable for most men, both for everyday situations and work, giving a masculine and neat appearance. Due to its versatility, “Fade” will suit both men in business suits and athletes.

The haircut looks great with wide cheekbones. Laying on the side will look harmonious with a business suit. Light tousled will complement a casual or sporty look. In the time of haircutting, there are several points we have to focus on in the time of haircutting.

The shape of the face, head. If the face is round, it is better to prefer asymmetrical, multi-layered haircuts. It will visually lengthen the face. If the back of the head is flat, it is not worth emphasizing, and it is better to choose a low fade or a haircut with a styling back.

Hair type and quality. If your hair is curly, unruly, difficult to style, the best choice would be a cascade with mandatory thinning. If there is no time for styling, you should pay attention to short haircuts that will not require special care. Weak, dull hair is also best cut short to accentuate this flaw.


  • Use a practical and smart technique that makes your hairstyle original.
  • The rhythm of life, with a heavy workload or many cases, that’s why haircuts are selected that do not require long care and styling. Top Note (Bun), together with Fade, looks presentable and is in the top three of the most popular hairstyles in trend.
  •  Oval face for a round face, a hairstyle with multi-layered levels is selected. For example, Crop, which also goes well with the Fade technique. For an oval, “elongated” face shape, a semi-box or a Platform is visually suitable, which are also offered by a barber with various Fade techniques.
  • If you are a lucky owner of wavy hair, you should prefer cascading haircuts. Also, Crop or short Mohawk.

In general, the Fade haircut is a universal form with many variations. The haircut choice depends on the man’s preferences, his usual style of clothing. In addition to personal vision, it is worth listening to the master.

Experience and knowledge will help you choose a shape that will look great, taking into account hair type, face shape and other individual characteristics.

Types of men’s haircuts Fade

High fade

The hair is cut short on almost the entire head with a high fade, leaving the length at the very top. The transformation from short hair to long hair can be smooth or abrupt. Imagine a mohawk – this is a hypertrophied example of high Fade.

Low fade

In low Fade, the transition from long to short hair begins at the back of the head. The hair is shaved very low, almost at the neck, and then, as it moves up, the length gradually increases.

Medium fade

Medium Fade is a classic American military haircut that won popular love. In it, the hair is left longer above the ears. The temples and the back of the head are shaved shortly, and the upper part of the hair is placed, for example, on one side.

Classic fade

Classic fade is the most conservative haircut of all the variations presented. The transformation was as smooth as possible, the whiskey was not shaved off, and the bulk of the hair remained practically intact.

Fade with shaved temples

This modern fade version is perfect for those who love to draw attention to themselves. The length of the haircut can be any. The main condition is figuratively shaved whiskey. In addition, if desired, the master can create spectacular patterns on the temples with the help of a trimmer.

Long fade or long bangs

To get a long fade, you need to create a transition from maximum length to zero. Because of the maximum length, the hair on the crown can be very long and lush. If desired, bangs are possible, which must be fixed with styling products.

Wedge fade

It is somewhat similar to the extended version of the Fade. Hair remains long at the crown. Shaving them begins from the middle of the back of the head and the temporal corners. The main feature is not a very smooth transition in length, and it should be noticeable.

Short fade

The name speaks for itself: hair with a short fade is left short at the crown. The nape is smoothly shaved to zero length.

Fade under the scissors

This fade haircut is performed not with a typewriter but with scissors and over the entire head. The minimum length is created with scissors and a comb, which helps the hairdresser pull the head. This option is usually used for those who want to get a unique haircut, taking into account the anatomical features of the skull.

Requires a very high skill level, as it is performed with scissors without using a typewriter.

If you like a little casualness, this is the option for you. With the help of scissors and a comb in the hands of a skilled craftsman, you can shape your haircut to suit any face. There is no clarity and abrupt transitions.

Fade with parting

It is based on a classic, low or short Fade, to which a parting is added. The master creates it with a trimmer. This haircut is ideal for those with medium hair length.

Fade with a beard

The smooth change in hair length in this type of Fade is ideally combined with a beard. Short fade and wedge fade look best with facial hair. The transition from temple to beard must be smooth and harmonious.

Taper fade haircut

It can be easily called the most classic one when it fades. The thing is that when you compare taper vs Fade, there is no dramatic fade at all. There is no skin exposure, just a neatly cut low taper fade. If you are not looking for a dramatic change, this cut will suit you perfectly.

Fade quiff

A relative of the pompadour, hairstyle has become a trend for men in recent years and looks like it’s here to stay. This lively look takes some serious style, so if you’re up for the challenge, this is for you.

Fade with curly hair

We mentioned earlier that getting shaved skin with curls can be tricky. However, this is the option that curly-haired guys will come in handy.

Fade with slicked-back hair

If you’re aiming for an insanely retro-elegant look, slicked back hair is a must. This is a great shaving haircut for men who want to look stylish.

Fade undercut haircut

Undercut shaved modern men’s haircut for gentlemen. The hair is long at the top and short on the sides and back. The long hair at the top of the head makes this haircut versatile and can be combined in various styles, including pompadour, quiff or slicked-back hair.

Fade tempo

This is a stylish haircut where the hair is piled up, and a stylish shave is done on the sides. It’s one of the most popular and stylish haircuts due to its modern look. With it, you will look bold and amazing.

Military fade

Military fade is a perfect choice for men who like short and stylish hairstyles. This style tends to have a strong shave. This haircut is also often worn with short hair at the top of the head. Due to its minimal length, this look is a great option that requires almost no maintenance.

Fade hedgehog

Thanks to the longer hair in the middle of the haircut, this haircut can be interpreted in a modern way with noticeably distinctive proportions. To give this look a classy look, make sure your sides are trimmed well until mid-cut, and also try experimenting with texture for a more voluminous look.

Fade with wavy hair

Curly hair, thanks to its texture, looks modern and contemporary. This concept is also true when combined with shaving. If you have wavy hair and choose a shaving cut, you should consider combing your hair back. This will allow you to use the natural flair of your hair for a modern look, while simple styling and shaved sides will give you a more balanced look.

Fade Blowout

While there are many different Blowout haircuts for men today, combining them with fade is the classic choice. The intense contrast between the tall hair at the crown of the head and the shaved sides makes this hairstyle attractive to men.

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