50 Best Beach Waves Hairstyles For Women In 2023

50 Best Beach Waves Hairstyles For Women In 2023

Beach waves are a timeless hairstyle. They give your hair a carefree look. This style suits women. Wild, beachy waves define this style. Its versatile hairstyle suits straight, curly, short, and long hair. Beachy waves are one of the most repeated searches on platforms and social networks.

Curling irons, hair waves, braids, and salt spray give beach waves. The goal is to create natural-looking waves. You can dress this look up or down for any occasion.

Beach waves are also easy to maintain. This hairstyle requires minimal styling. You can achieve beachy waves quickly with a few simple styling tricks. The particularity is that the hair is straight at the roots and at the ends and wavy in the middle.

Since the hair falls loose and looks much more relaxed than the standard curly bob, the so-called summer hairstyle has become an absolute favorite in recent years. Whether planning a fancy dinner with the girls or a movie outing with your partner, the beachy look always fits. Depending on the hair texture, no two hairstyles are the same here, and they bring out the women’s beauty.

How to Style Beach Waves

Beach waves are easy to do and only take a few simple steps. Here is how to style beach waves:

  1. First, dry your hair and use a diffuser or air dryer to get waves.
  2. Use heat-protective spray or cream.
  3. Curl or wave small hair pieces and hold the curl tightly before releasing. (Repeat for each hair section)
  4. Braid your hair before bed and leave it overnight to avoid heat. Take out the braids and make waves in the morning.
  5. For more natural waves, loosen them with your fingers.
  6. For beachy hair, use salt or texturizing spray.
  7. Use light-hold hairspray to hold beach waves all day.

Beach Waves Bob


This style shows off beachy waves while keeping hair out of the face. Hold the top half of your hair back with a clip or elastic. Leave some strands around your face loose for a casual look.

Wet Beach Waves

Wet or water-wave hairstyles are elegant for evening parties. With a daring outfit and bold makeup, you’ll be the center of attention.

Beachy Side Braid

This style looks romantic and bohemian. Make beachy waves and braid them loosely. Leave some strands to frame your face, or add flowers or hair accessories for a bohemian look.

Layered Short Cut

A woman with several short hair layers. Layers suit short hair. Smooth or ruffled, they suit many face shapes and hair types. Anyone can do this style at home.

Beach-curled Hair


Make beachy, wavy curls with a curling iron. For a natural, beachy look, use a texturizing spray or sea salt spray to add volume and texture, then tousle and separate the curls with your fingers. This style is excellent for standout curls without looking too polished.

Beach Wave Braids


Beach wave braids suit you. This hairstyle suits you, even though there are many hair waves, such as surf, party, and kiddie waves.

Bun With Volume


It’s also a stylish and trendy hairstyle. This step starts with a neat ponytail and a part in the middle. Then, each strand is curled and pinned into a loose bun with many volumes.

Soft, Wavy Grey Roots


Grey hair was famous in 2023. The look above featured your signature waves and an all-grey color scheme.

Up-do Beach Waves


Formal occasions suit this style. Put your hair in a messy bun or chignon after waves. Bobby pins the hair and leaves a few strands around the face loose for a more casual look.

Ponytail Beach Waves


This beach-friendly style is simple. Put your hair in a low ponytail after curling or straightening it. Make the waves look beachy and natural by separating them with your fingers.

Beach Waves Top Knot


This style is perfect for quick hair up-dos. Put your hair in a high ponytail with loose waves. Twist the ponytail into a bun and secure it with bobby pins or elastic. Make the waves look beachy and natural by separating them with your fingers.

Braided Beach Waves


Bobs and lobs suit this style. Make loose, messy waves with a curling iron or hair straightener, then separate and mess them up with your fingers. Add texture and volume with a texturizing spray.

Half-Up Beach Waves


It resembles beach waves but has more texture and volume. Use sea salt or texture spray to volumize and mess up dry hair. Scrunch your hair while spraying.

Un-tight Beach Waves


To achieve this look, curl or straighten your hair to create loose waves. Start in the middle of your hair and wrap small sections around the barrel for a few seconds before releasing. Use your fingers to separate and naturalize the waves.

Heatless Beach Waves


Her long hair has beachy waves without a curling iron. Braids made waves all night. This hairstyle doesn’t need heat. Anyone can do this style at home.

Loose Blowout Waves


Heat pipes, dryers, and round brushes may seem outdated, but they are still necessary for a flawless, polished look. Dry your hair from the neck to the fringe in three sections. It would be best if you sprayed the coat before and after starting.

Pixie-Bob Beach Waves


This hairstyle adds texture and movement to layered pixie-bob haircuts. Beach waves give the hair a relaxed look. To achieve this look, curl your hair with a curling iron or hot rollers and add grip and texture with a texturizing spray.

Natural Looking Waves


Make loose waves with a curling iron or hair straightener for a more casual look. Next, break the waves with your fingers. Light-hold hairspray keeps waves from looking stiff.

Middle Part With Waves


This beachy hairstyle suits most hair types and lengths. Make loose waves with a curling iron or hair straightener, and part your hair down the middle. For an effortless look, separate and mess up the waves with your fingers.

Warm, Long, Wavy Hair


Long-haired women know the challenges of searching for a new hairstyle. Try this stunningly warm look we found for you. You have gorgeous curls and a middle part.

Beach Wave With Bangs


Beach waves with bangs look great when “tousled.” Curl your hair with a curling iron or salt spray.

Bright Wavy Blonde Lob


If you want a short haircut, start with the lob curtain bangs and a beautiful wave style of your hair below the shoulders.

Braiding or Wand-curling


You can create beachy waves by sectioning your hair and wrapping each section around a wand or braid. Release after a few seconds. Use your fingers to separate the waves. It creates a beachy, natural look.

High-top Bun and Waves


A flattering high bun can give long hair undone waves without irons or tongs. Buns or “donuts” require only foam.

Pigtails With Beach Waves

A braid on one side, a French braid turned into a ponytail at the nape, or crossing the frontal strands over the elastic can make pigtails.

Honey-shine Beach Waves


Shiny hair indicates good health; the most charming honey-blonde shade will look its best when styled this way. Add loose curls to your new look with a curling wand, and you are all set.

Rose Color Beach Waves


This hairstyle is perfect for short-haired colorists. Rose-colored beach waves give hair volume and femininity. For this look, curl your hair with a curling iron or hot rollers and add grip and texture with a texturizing or sea salt spray.

Layers With Beachy Waves


Choppy layers look great with messy hair. In the look above, she has choppy layers that finish with beautiful waves, which look fantastic. Try this look in autumn.

Short Blonde Beach Waves


Like the first, but with longer hair, short hair looks carefree and volumized with blonde beach waves, for this look, curl your hair with a curling iron or hot rollers and add grip and texture with a texturizing spray or sea salt spray.

Medium-hair Beach Waves


Woman-reaching waves. Beach waves are an everyday hairstyle. Curling, braiding, or using a salt spray can achieve this look. Waves can dress up or down. Anyone can do this style at home.

Warm Blonde Beach Waves


It suits warm-skinned blondes. Make your hair look beach-washed with a curling iron or straightener. Texturing sprays add volume. Spraying hair maintains waves.

Headbanded Beach Waves


This style keeps long hair out of the way. Headbands hold beach waves. This look requires a curling iron or hot rollers. Texturizing or sea salt sprays add hold and texture to hair.

Beach Waves Are Effortless


Curl or braid your hair for this look. These hairstyles look natural and can be dressed up or down. The woman’s beach-wave hair is tousled and textured.

Shoulder-high Beach Waves


It suits beachy, shoulder-length hair. Make your hair look beach-washed with a curling iron or straightener. Fingers can separate waves to make them look more natural.

Asymmetrical Beach Waves


A new trend is to use asymmetry in beach curl hairstyles. It’s easiest to stab temporal hair when you can’t be seen.

Bow-Wrapped Beach Waves

Wear a tousled bow with wavy hair. Ponytails and removing part of the last turn make great ones.

Semi-collected Beach Waves


You can style semi-collected wavy hair in many ways. You can do beach waves and ponytails the day before. Joining a braid from each side in the middle creates a half-up bun. Pull the slightly twisted side locks back into a ponytail or fishtail braid. There are many options, so let your mind wander.

Loop Bun With Beach Waves


Loop buns are trendy right now. Waves should be done the day before and almost undone. Leave the last turn halfway with your hair in a low ponytail. Thin out a few crown strands to give it volume, and if you want, use the tongs to wave the loose frontal strands.

Crossed Braided Beach Waves


Beach waves and women can use long hair with crossed braids. It is a great everyday look.

Blonde Pixie-cut Beach Waves


This style adds texture and volume to short pixie cuts. Hair waves look natural and beachy. For this look, curl your hair with a curling iron or hot rollers and add grip and texture with a texturizing or sea salt spray.

Parted With Beach Waves

One of the most stylish hairstyles is loose waves that part to the side. Red carpet bets always win, and they look good on everyone. With a black dress and makeup, you’ll look great.

Short Side-parted Beach Waves


Blonde beach waves look carefree and full with longer hair too. Use a curling iron or hot rollers for this style. Add grip and texture with a texturizing or sea salt spray.

Root Smudge Beach Waves Hair


Root smudges are great for adding color. First, color your roots and smudge them down your hair. Beach waves create a uniform, natural-looking hairstyle.

Beach Waves on Thick Curly Hair


Make beachy waves in thick, curly hair with a hair straightener or blow dryer with a diffuser. Add volume and texture with a texturizing spray or mousse, then tousle and separate the waves with your fingers for a natural look.

Beach Waves and Straight Bangs


Long-haired people who want texture and straight bangs should try this style. Hair is styled with beach waves for a carefree look. Bangs define the face.

Women With Brushed-out Waves


Make your hair look beach-washed with a curling iron or straightener. Give wave depth with a paddle brush. You’ll exude sophistication and calm.

Blonde Ombre Beach Hair Waves


A trendy blonde ombre beach-waved hairstyle follows. You would look stunning with this beach-wavy haircut, and adding a gorgeous blonde ombre to your style would highlight those curls even further.

Caramel Balayage Mermaid Waves


What girl doesn’t want a mermaid’s hair? She used this season’s caramel color throughout, making the design perfect for summer.

Perm-cut Beach Waves on the Side

This hairstyle gives a natural-looking wave without much effort. Beachy waves are created by parting and curling the hair. The waves and side parts give the hair body and shape.

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