60 Long Shag Haircuts For Effortless Style In 2023

60 Long Shag Haircuts For Effortless Style In 2023

If you do it right, a long shag haircut can add texture and movement to your hair. This style is chic and simple because it is made up of layers and has feathered ends.

The shaggy haircut is a great choice because it’s easy to take care of and looks both fun and stylish. These hairstyles were popular in the 1970s, and you’ll love how they’re making a comeback on the beauty scene today. Shaggy hair has always been a rock and roll style that many famous people have been brave enough to try. It is choppy, messy, and has a lot of layers. Modern fuzzy looks good on any length or texture of hair, so it makes you look cool and improves your style.

Long shag haircuts need regular trims to maintain shape and texture. A long shag haircut needs to be trimmed, but other than that, it doesn’t need much care. Depending on how fast your hair grows, your stylist may suggest a trim every six to eight weeks. Deep condition your hair once a week to keep it healthy and moist.

We’ll tell you about the history of this classic haircut, show you some examples of shaggy cuts for long hair, and help you choose the best cut for your face shape and hair type. Here is everything you need to know about getting a long shag haircut.

Who Looks Good With a Long Shag Haircut?

Long shag haircuts work for straight, wavy, and curly hair. Layers give fine hair volume and make it appear thicker. Longer haired people who want texture and movement can also use it.

Here are 60 stunning long shag haircuts for effortless style.



In our list, the bob is in the “golden mean”—not too extreme to change the image and very bright.

Short Bob


Short bob is a more elegant alternative than a pixie cut. It has a nice balance to it and frames the face nicely.

With Bangs


Rooney Mara is one of the few girls in Hollywood who goes with a straight bang to half her forehead. For the first time, viewers saw such a Rooney in the film.

Shaggy Waves


This isn’t about hairstyles. The goal is to give the impression that wild curls appeared spontaneously to honour the natural hairstyle.

Shaggy Layers


The trick to getting significant volume is cutting through the inner layers. It turns out a sort of likeness of a lion’s mane with strands superimposed on top.

Tousled Hair


Every little girl remembers the bittersweet time her mother wouldn’t let her go outside until her hair was neatly gathered into a bun and held invisibly. Fashion stylists highly recommend this hairstyle.

Sloppy curls


This playful option will appeal to young, creative people who want to learn how to make sloppy curls without a messy look.



Asymmetrical hairstyles can give tired knotters a new lease on life.

Glam Curls


A shaved head is only sometimes dirty. There are many medium hairstyles for white-eyed cormorants and murres. Even if you want beach hair, rocker hair, or romantic hair, use a product with a low dose but a high strength for loose curls.

Short Bangs


Short bangs are not suitable for every face type for their capricious properties. It pairs best with ripped shaggy and suits an oval and thin face.

Long Bangs


Long bangs flatter round, square, rectangular, and plump faces. Long bangs stretch round faces into ovals, but they smooth out the rest.

Ombre Shag


“Long ombre shag” haircut with a soft ombre. Waves and bangs frame the face. Layers are easy. For an ombre effect, your skin and hair must be the same color. After a professional colorist blends your hair’s colors, use shampoo and conditioner that won’t fade the colors.

Curtain Bangs


Curtain bangs suit all hair lengths. This bang slims the face, grows “painlessly,” and looks great with tails and buns.

Oblique Bangs


In a shaggy hairdo, slanting bangs are usually a hit. It appears to revitalize the face, making it a viable alternative for older ladies.

Curly Shag Hair


Curly hair needs a careful trim after washing and drying to avoid clownishness. Consider hair texture and thickness.

Slightly Wavy Hair


The expert also adds that Jane Birkin-style bangs are trendy on straight or slightly wavy hair. Tangled and uncombed hair gives the same effect as French casual chic.

Short Shag Hair


Meek hairstyles are carefree, relaxed, and modern, and there is something stylish for every hair texture. Below you can see the best shaggy hairstyles for short hair.

Long Shag Hair


Welcome to your new favorite long hairstyle. The charm and versatility of shaggy are unmatched. They are brilliantly embodied in the heyday of the 70s by many rock and roll stars.

Thick Shaggy Hair


If you have thick hair, shaggy is one of the best hairstyles for you. You can opt for a long or medium haircut if you don’t want a short style and consider adding layers to your hair.

Thin Shaggy Hair


It’s not a good style for thin hair. Fine hair can be made thicker with well-placed layers.

Thin Choppy Shag


This “choppy shag” cut is good for women with thin hair. When layers are chopped up, they add volume and movement to the hair. If your hair is wavy, you look like you don’t care. You can wear choppy shag haircuts in many different ways. The hair of Bohemians is wavy and messy.

Long-layered Shag


A shag haircut with long layers. Layers give loose hair texture and movement. The ends of soft, girly hair are slightly curled. Long, layered shag that you can wear in many ways.

Straight Shaggy Hair


Any hair length will work for straight hair. You might want to give your straight hair some waves to create a more modern style, while straighter hair looks classic like Rachel’s cut.

Shag With Highlight


Her “shag” haircut has streaks of blonde. This messy hairstyle has layered bangs that are cut into pieces. Blonde highlights add depth to dark hair. People with a lot of power and fame wear this style.

Pixie Shaggy Haircut


There are different lengths of shaggy hairstyles, like this cute pixie cut. Make a bang in the front, and cut your hair short in the back to get this style. Add a bold color like icy lavender to take your hairstyle to the next level.

Modern Shag Waves


Waves are used in the modern version of the shag. Adding layers to your hair will make it look like you have more. Quiet and calm, with softly rolling waves. With regular haircuts, your textured modern shag will always look its best.

Reddish-brown Shag


The reddish-brown shag looks great with shoulder-length shags that are a deep reddish brown. When you wake up and shake your hair, you look beautiful.

Textured Blonde Shag


“Textured blonde shag” is a layered cut with lots of texture and movement. The hair is usually layered, with the shortest around the face and the longest at the back. Messy, tousled, and full hair is typical. This style highlights blonde hair’s texture and movement. The color makes them look youthful and carefree.

Choppy Hazelnut Hair


The hazelnut-colored hair is cut into small pieces. This cut moves because it is made up of layers. With feathered ends, the style looks better. This style might need trims every so often to eliminate split ends and keep the layers looking nice. Adding texture with mousse or spray can make layers that look chopped up.

Long Shag With Bangs


Long shag with bangs. This easy-care haircut has a lot of texture and movement. Shag layers add body to hair. Wear bangs. It is a good option for stylish haircuts that are easy to take care of and can be changed to fit your needs.

Modern Shaggy Haircut


No one said that short haircuts have to be straight. For a more elegant look, cut your hair to the nape of your neck and choose shorter bangs. Use texture to make your curls look lighter and more casual by making them more tangled.

Highlighted Mauve Shag


The purple shag haircut was shown in this picture. When hair has layers, it looks fuller. Colors that are bright and have soft hints of color stand out. Spread your hair out and scrunch it up to add texture. A little hairspray helps hold the style.

Blonde Shag With Bangs


The blonde shag with bangs is a popular hairstyle with bangs that frame the face and layered, chopped-up hair. The blonde color is fun and young and can be changed to fit different styles and skin tones. It’s a good choice for hair that doesn’t need much care and is easy to style. This hairstyle is popular because it looks good on many hair types and face shapes.

Shaggy Chestnut Looks


A medium-length shag looks good on chestnut hair. Light brown colors add depth to the cut, and layers make it possible for the hair to move in unpredictable ways and be styled differently without looking dull.

Pretty Tousled Shaggy Lob


Brown shags with razor bangs, and waves frame the face. Brown shags with razor bangs, and waves frame the face. Medium-length brown balayage shags have razor bangs and waves that frame the face. The top is tousled, and the layers are furry, which adds texture and volume.

Brunette Hairstyles Shaggy


It makes your hair feel better. Hair that is heavier and straight is longer. The razor layer adds volume on its own.

Wispy Face-framing Layers


A modern shag with choppy, textured pieces. This style has layers and is about medium length. Choppy, textured layers make hair look tousled. Bangs can be long or short in this style. This hairstyle is fun, edgy, and easy to take care of.

Bohemian Shag With Layers


A woman with a “bohemian shag.” Hair with layers moves in a beachy way. It has many uses.

Brunette Shag for Dark Hair


The picture shows a gorgeous long brunette shag with textured layers and a side-swept fringe. The hair naturally has waves. Shag haircuts look good on a wide range of hair and face shapes. The long brunette shag is stylish, easy to style, and versatile.

Chocolate Brown Razor-cut


The chocolate brown razor cut has layers that are cut with a razor. Layers add movement and edge to hair. Middle-parted hair. You can wear razor hairstyles in many ways. Straight hair parted in the middle is modern.

Shag Haircut With Balayage


In every style, color is the key to the perfect haircut. Balayage goes well with this medium-length cut with a shaggy look.

Bronde Shag With Feathers


Long braids look good on all kinds of hair. Your stylist will tell you how long and the best layers for your face and hair.

Ash Brown Long Shave Shag


Ash-brown Shave Razor-cut shags are best in summer. You can frame your cheekbones and jawline with longer pieces of hair in the front.

Silver White Whispy Hairstyle


This grey and white whispy hairstyle with a medium-length shag haircut is classic and reminds you of Carol Brady.

Shag With Layers at an Angle


A shag haircut shows that you are free-spirited. Layers make a choppy, chiseled texture with sharp ends and angles. To finish, use good paste and the right amount of grit.

Cute Blonde Face-Framing Shag


It stands out because the bangs are feathered, and the side pieces are long and frame the face. For a rocker look, blow it up and tease it above. Women with long hair can wear this style.

Warm-brown Hair and Feathers


A feather finish gives a straight hair shape, brings natural or dyed highlights, and adds interest to soft, shaggy layers without much work.

Shaggy Hair With Uneven Bangs


Messy, uneven bangs elevate long hair. We love how the bright orange color and energetic style of this long braid with bangs make a bold statement.

Shag Haircut With the Middle Part


A shaggy middle-part hairstyle requires texture and layers. You can achieve a shaggy, boho-chic look for any occasion with a little effort. It takes volumizing shampoo and conditioner to achieve this hairstyle.

Gorgeous Long Light Brown Shag


The layers of shaggy hair look great with the sophisticated light brown. Using shampoo and conditioner that don’t contain sulfates and keep hair’s color will protect your expensive investment.

Feminine Frizzy Shag With Layers


Your “female frizzy shag” has layers in this cut. Layers give hair body and texture. Romantic hair has curls at the ends and is flexible, wavy, and shaggy. The hair of Bohemians is wavy and messy.

Modern Shag With Choppy Layers


This style has layers and is about medium length. Choppy, textured layers make hair look tousled. Bangs can be long or short in this style. This hairstyle is fun, edgy, and easy to take care of. Layers stay clean and neat when they are trimmed often.

Textured Caramel Brown Shag Lob


Medium shag hairstyles have textured layers and rough edges. This “shag” lob has a sharp edge and a tousled crown.

Curly, Shaggy Hair With Short Bangs


Curly hair and short bangs—why not? Shoulder-length hair with short bangs can be styled. Modern style improves your appearance. Cut dry curly hair to length.

Black Angled Bob With Shag Layers


Black bob cut at an angle with shaggy layers. Shoulder-length shags look great with lots of layers. A bob with a side part lets hair naturally fall into a pretty shape without much work. Layers of hair are very useful.

Sophisticated Shag With Piecey Layers


Long, luscious waves can be used to make a beautiful shoulder-length shag. Women with naturally curly hair can layer feathers to make a full silhouette.

Shaggy Honey Bronde Hairstyle With Bangs


With longer bangs and shaggy waves, you can go boho or sleek. Pull your hair back and keep your bangs for a chic look at the office.

Layered Copper Brown Haircut for Thick Hair


Women with thick, long, shaggy hair should get a chop cut with layers. The neck looks longer because of the side bangs and copper-colored panels.

Tips to Style a Long Shag Haircut

Long shag haircuts are easy to style and it can be style in many different ways:

  1. Long shags are versatile and easy to style.
  2. Let your hair dry naturally and add volume and movement with a texturizing spray for a natural look.
  3. Curling irons and sea salt spray create texture and waves.
  4. Use a round brush to blow-dry and shine serum to smooth your hair.


Finally, a long shag haircut is a versatile and easy hairstyle that adds volume and movement. Read on to learn about this hairstyle. It suits most hair types and requires minimal upkeep. Ask your hairstylist if a long shag haircut will suit you and how to maintain it.

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