What Kind Of Hairstyle Is Hush Cut And How To Achieve It?

What Kind Of Hairstyle Is Hush Cut? Wolf Cut Features And How To Achieve Them

The uncool Korean boom has brought attention to the trendy “hush cut,” a Korean-style wolf cut popular among fashionable girls. This article will explore the distinctive features of the hush cut and highlight its differences from the standard wolf cut. Additionally, we will provide a catalogue-inspired guide for those seeking authentic Korean hairstyles to achieve the desired look.

What is Hush Cut?

What is Hush Cut?

Hush cuts have several characteristics. The first is to put a lot of layers on the hair around the face and cheeks. This layer wraps around your face, so you can also aim for a small face effect!

The second feature is that the top hair is long. Japanese wolf cuts make the top shorter, while hush cuts leave the top longer. Therefore, it can be finished naturally, and it will be easier for those not comfortable with their unique hairstyles to take on the challenge!

The third feature is that the tips of the hair are a little heavy. In the Japanese wolf cut, a generous layer is added to the neckline to make it lighter, but in the hush cut, the neckline is left long and heavy. It is also nice that it is easy to style the outside and the atmosphere can be changed easily.

Difference Between Hush Cut and Wolf Cut?

Difference Between Hush Cut and Wolf Cut

A wolf-cut style with a rounded top and a layer below the neckline for a light finish. A hairstyle that has been around for quite some time is characterized by an attractive adult finish while wearing a boyish atmosphere. Over the last few years, many people have adopted it while changing its shape little by little.

Under such circumstances, the hush cut called “Korean style wolf cut” is now attracting attention. The base is almost the same as the Japanese wolf cut, so there is no clear difference, but it has unique characteristics to this cuts! This article will introduce the features of hush cuts and styles that incorporate hush cuts.

The Point That Makes the Hush Haircut Look More Korean

Hush Haircut

Hush cut has become a hot topic, incorporating many Korean actresses and KPOP idols. There are some points to get closer to the real hush cut! Please refer to it when styling. 

Point 1: Have a Feminine Constricted Silhouette

Like Yoshinori and Egyomori, typical of Korea, hairstyles are characterized by a constriction that makes the neck look refreshing. Incorporating a constriction into this cut to create a more feminine style.

Point 2: Add Koreanness With Hair Color

This cut is a dynamic style, so even dark hair will give you a feeling of falling out. However, high tones are becoming a trend in Korea as well. By combining this cuts and popular colors in Korea, you can make Ulzzang style at once!

I Want to Use It as a Reference: Hush Cut Style Collection by Length

As mentioned above, the “Korean wolf cut” features a layer around the face, a long top, and heavy hair tips in addition to the wolf base. We will pick up styles with such elements and introduce them by length. Please try to find your favorite style from the sample collection with great variations such as length, color, and arrangement.

Short Length Hush Haircut Style

Short length hush cut

Also, the following styles can be added to the short hush haircut to make it look even better.

Hush Cut with Inner Color

This cut goes well with the inner color. In this style, the inner color is added to the neckline, giving it a unique contrast. Please try with your favorite color.

Hush Cut with White Beige

Combining white beige with this cut gives an impression of transparency. A layer with a cute bunch around the face that has a remarkable small face effect. This style is for those who are tired of the usual shortcuts.

Hush Cut with Natural Three-Dimensional Effect

This style with a longer top for a more natural finish. A bright color is applied to the ends of the hair to create a three-dimensional effect.

Medium Length Hush Haircut

Medium length hush cut

Also, the following styles can be added to the medium hush haircut to make it look even better.

Hush Cut with Olive Beige

Hush-cut style with a soft top and neckline for a feminine impression. Using a natural olive beige hair color can give the overall style a natural lightness! 

Hush Cut with Ear Hook Style

Hush-cut style with side hair on your ears for a mature atmosphere. The color is creamy beige, giving a sophisticated impression. It’s easy to style, so it’s recommended for those who are not good at arranging!

Hush Cut with Center Part

A clean impression style that combine this cut with a center part. This cut constricted silhouette and the bangs covering the face line make a small face look. Cool and feminine, both in a style that you can feel!

Long-length Hush Haircut Style

Long length hush cut

Also, the following styles can be added to the long hush haircut to make it look even better.

Hush Cut with One Curl Hair

A style with an impressive layer around the face that is firmly inserted. The hair tips left for heavy weight and boldly curled are attractive with plenty of sex appeal. This cut leaves the hair on the side to the back of the head firmly, so the range of arrangement is wide.

Hush Cut with Lavender Color

A cute dream style that combines this cut with a high-tone lavender color. A layer is put around her face, and the top hair is loosely wrapped inside for a soft texture. 

Hush Cut with Perm Style

You can create a modal atmosphere if you match the perm with this cut. In addition, a layer that rises forward is put around the face to make it lighter! Recommended for those who want to enjoy a different style.

Embrace Uniqueness with the Hush Haircut: Stand Out from the Crowd

In conclusion, the Hush Haircut is a unique and eye-catching hairstyle that allows you to stand out from the crowd. With its bold and unconventional design, it lets you express your individuality and creativity. By embracing this haircut, you become a trendsetter and inspire others to celebrate their own uniqueness. If you’re ready to break free from societal norms and showcase your true self, the Hush Haircut is the perfect choice. Take the leap, be courageous, and embrace your uniqueness with this remarkable hairstyle.

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